How To Embed Pinterest Board On WordPress

How To Embed Pinterest Board On WordPress


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How To Embed Pinterest Board On WordPress


Meta Description – This easy guide will help you to embed Pinterest Boards and Pins on preferred website platforms such as WordPress, HTML, Shopify, and more.


If you are a brand or business where visuals are crucial for your marketing strategy, Pinterest is the right place for you to leverage and build relationships with your customers. 


Like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Pinterest has also become the most prominent social media platform to build a social presence and reach targeted audiences. 


Pinterest offers brands to create Pinterest boards where they can upload and share images, videos, GIFs, etc. to reach their audience. 


For many brands, Pinterest is making a huge difference, as it is increasingly used to connect audiences with the visual content to create influence on the people. 


To successfully connect and aware your website visitors also with your Pinterest board and content, you can embed a Pinterest board & Pins on your wordpress website like on the homepage, product page, blogs, articles, etc. 


By embedding a Pinterest board on your website, you will be able to connect with your audience offering a similar Pinterest experience on your website. 


In this blog, we will walk you through how to showcase Pinterest boards on your wordpress website as well as the benefits you can avail of by displaying Pinterest boards on your website. 


Let’s get started with, 


But Why Pinterest On Your Website?

Pinterest is one of the growing social media platforms which makes it important for brands and marketers to integrate Pinterest into their marketing strategy.


There are about 450 million active users on Pinterest from different parts of the world, whether people are searching for inspiration for cooking, clothes, vacation, latest fashion trends, home decor, fitness tips, etc. 


Pinterest offers wide categories of content to its users so that people get real inspiration and comprehend content more effectively. 


You can enhance the quality and appearance of website content by integrating Pinterest boards with textual content. 


Pinterest boards not only enhance website appearance, but they will also increase audience engagement, create informative content, boost traffic, and conversion rate. 


There are some of the major benefits of embedding a Pinterest Board on a website, you can achieve by embedding Pinterest boards on your website. 


  • Increase the visual appeal of the website with diverse and colorful Pinterest images. 
  • Boost awareness and connect your target audience with your Pinterest presence. 
  • Inspire and influence people for a purchase decision
  • Display social proof and user-generated content on the website. 
  • A huge source of free visual content with high returns on investment. 


To avail all these benefits of applying Pinterest boards and pins on your website, you need a tool that helps you collect Pinterest Pins and embed them on the website. 

Using a tool, application, or plugin is the best way to blend wordpress websites with the alluring Pinterest content. 


Here below we are sharing a mix of tools and plugins that you can use to integrate the Pinterest board on your website. 


Tools To Easily Embed Pinterest Board On WordPress Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a top-rated and widely used social media aggregator on which various global brands rely. This tool offers various features and functionalities to collect, curate, design, and display vibrant Pinterest boards and pins. 


Without any technical expertise and need for code, you can easily embed Pinterest boards on your wordpress website. There are several themes, designs, and customization options available that allow displaying of a perfect-looking Pinterest board on the website. 


Moreover, Taggbox Widget also offers a wordpress plugin so that it is easy, faster, and consumes less time to embed social media feeds on the website. 


You can use any of the options: tool or plugin to create a beautiful Pinterest board and impressively attract audiences’ attention to your website. 

Pinterest Feed

If you are looking for a wordpress plugin to display a Pinterest board on your website, Pinterest feed is the right option for you. Several features come with the Pinterest Feed plugin like you can embed Pinterest Profile on different pages of your website. 


This also includes all the Pinterest pins and boards along with the follow button so that your audience can directly connect with your Pinterest board from the website. You can also display Pinterest boards in the form of a widget, for a creative and attractive display of Pinterest pins on the website. 


You will also get customization options to embed Pinterest boards in the design and layout you desire to display on your website.

Ultimately Social

Ultimately Social is widely used by wordpress website users to add social media links on the web pages. This plugin provides social media links for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. 


This plugin allows you to automatically create a Pinterest post of the images of your wordpress. Ultimately Social also added the “Pin it” button on the images and share button so that your website visitors can easily share it with their friends and social media followers. 



Adding Pinterest boards and pins is an amazing way to boost a website with creative and unique content. Pinterest pins create peppy content which is attractive and compelling to increase engagement on the website. 


Choose any of the above plugins to elaborate your website with the vibrant and attractive content on the website. 


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