How To Get A Monitor For The Best Gaming PC In UAE – Monitor Buying Guide?

Without an efficient monitor, user experiences on PCs and laptops would be lacklustre. Be it gaming, watching videos, or even basic internet browsing – the monitor’s quality and specs are essential. Plus, most high-quality websites, streaming service providers, and online gaming platforms are only displayable on high-quality monitors.

So, what monitor features and specs will ensure a high-quality display for a long time? The market is evolving, and monitors specs like refresh rates, resolution, and response times are always improving. There are also new monitor features like a low blue light mode that enhance the viewing experience. Picking a monitor amidst all of these choices can be difficult. Here’s an essential guide –

Buying Monitors – The Essential Considerations

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Before delving into specific monitor features, users must address these two factors –

· The Purpose of the Monitor – For gamers, features like super-fast refresh rate, color accuracy, and high-resolution are non-negotiable. It is impossible to play the latest games if their monitors don’t offer these features. But, general users have lesser requirements. They can shop at lower price brackets and get decent monitors with high-contrast VA panels. For gamers, the monitor buying process will be a bit more complicated.

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· Quality of the Seller – Monitors are sensitive devices. How they’re procured, packed, and shipped are very important. Instead of shopping for discounts, gamers must turn to the sellers of the best gaming PC in UAE. These high-quality sellers offer a wide range of monitors. Their catalogs also contain a wide range of other gaming accessories, which makes the shopping experience more wholesome. On the other hand, substandard monitor sellers provide products that don’t last long.

Monitor Features – What to Look For

There are some key monitor features that all gamers must focus on. They include –


For shoppers looking for crisp and flawless displays, monitor resolution is the most important feature. Higher the monitor resolution, the more pixels it has. Images get sharper with an increase in the number of pixels. The best resolution options for gamers are-

· 1080p (Full High Definition)
· 1440p (QHD – four times the number of pixels on standard 720p HD monitors)
· 2160p (Ultra High Definition, also known as 4K)

QHD is now the standard resolution for gamers. Almost all mid-range games require a UHD display. Gamers must make sure their GPU can support such high-quality visual performances. To be future-proof, gamers should opt for monitors with the highest resolution.

Refresh Rates

According to a recent study by the LCD market research firm WitsView, 8.5 million gaming monitors with frame rates of over 100Hz were sold in 2019. That figure is estimated to reach 11-12 million units by the end of 2020.

It is clear that most gamers worldwide are not settling for monitors that offer anything below 100Hz refresh rates. Why is the refresh rate so crucial for gaming?

The refresh rate of monitors is the amount of time it updates itself as new information is fed. A higher refresh rate results in smoother transitions, lesser choppy images, and better gaming experience.

Gamers can vastly improve their performances if their monitors offer fast refresh rates with low response times. A monitor with 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rates will make a gamer future-proof as these monitors will support the latest games with ease.However, the GPU needs to support these high refresh rates. An outdated graphics card won’t be able to run the games at such high framerates.

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Pixel Response Time

The pixel response time refers to the amount of time an individual pixel takes to switch from black to white. With a lower response time, the in-game camera movements are smoother.

A longer response time causes the monitor to display blurry images as the pixels can’t support the fast switches between colors.

Gaming monitors with high response times (e.g., five milliseconds) won’t be able to support the latest games. On the other hand, gaming monitors with 0.5ms or 0.4ms response time offer ultimate gaming experiences.

Curved Monitor

Curved monitors now make up 60% of the worldwide computer monitor market. Gamers love the immersive viewing experiences these monitors offer. Some advantages of using these curved monitors include –

· Comparatively less eye-straining
· Immersive viewing experiences thanks to the 1800r field of view
· Reduced distortion
· Wider field of view
· It is easier to locate in-game design elements on curved screens.
· These monitors are aesthetically pleasing.
· They offer a faster pixel response time.

Low Blue Light

Low blue light shouldn’t be on the list of priorities. The latest operating systems like Windows 10 already offer screen-modes for cutting down blue light.

Yes, low blue light does ensure less straining on the gamer’s eyes, but that means looking at unnatural graphics and visuals. Almost all the latest monitors in the market come with low blue light. But, it shouldn’t be a priority feature for monitor shoppers.