How to Help Disabled People

dog helping disabled people

Disability of any kind may seem a misery or misfortune but it is not necessarily so. It means that a person lives the way and behaves differently from you. The only thing a disabled person wants and needs is to be treated as anyone else: with respect and dignity. However, your extra help may be also required sometimes. Disability is a fact of ordinary people’s life, neither a sentence nor a crime.

If you see, a disabled person needs help it would be better for you to follow some basic guidelines listed below. These are neither rules nor requirements, but pieces of advice for you to consider. Disabled ones are normal people and, more often than not, they do not need any special treatment. It (special treatment) may offend them and make them think they are different, which is not. All people are both different and similar at the same time. If you really care, show your attention and compassion as to anyone else.
dog helping disabled

Make sure if your help is really needed

Like anyone else disabled people want to be independent. In some cases self-dependence is what they require more than others. In the context of being treated like “special people” those disabled used to show that their problem makes no difference. Everyone has the right to be self-sufficient and make his or her own mistakes. So, please, make sure before helping disabled if your assistance is really what they need.

How to make sure if a disabled person requires help? – Just ask. The same way you offer assistance to any ordinary man or woman.

Show your respect

What is respect? Normally it has nothing to do with better behavior or showing your gracious manners. Respect is about admiring a person’s lifestyle and way of thinking, understanding that people are different and it is difference that makes us human beings for real. Respect is to be treated not only the way you want but the way you deserve it.

That’s why disability is absolutely not a reason to be forgiven being guilty, to be treated better or worse. Respect is admiring a person’s decision and realizing that a person is ready to take his lumps regardless disability.

Respect confidentiality

Disability is not always visible. That is why if a person shares with you his or her problems it is not for you to tell others about it and for them (others) to treat this person better. The same happens when a friend discloses his secret hoping you won’t spit it out.

Never jump into wrong conclusions

We all are different people. We behave in our own manner, make mistakes, may seem weird, silly and foolish, do stupid things and sometimes step over the bounds. That is why when you see a disabled person acts oddly or, say, has a few buttons missing it is not necessarily a result of his or her disability.

Never let your prejudice have the best of it. Be careful with you conclusions and always think twice before jumping into them.

Do not stare

You will hardly find an ordinary man or woman who likes being staring at. Disabled people are not the exception. None of us would like to be gazed at something, which is not the occasion for rejoicing.

Do not let anyone abuse disabled ones

If you see, someone tries to offend a disabled person, do not hesitate to intervene on behalf of him or her. Sure, it would be better for you to consider whether he or she can handle the situation alone. However, if you see, it is going out of control, take the advantage and help.

Note that it is not a reason for you to fight. Always try to handle any situation by peaceful means. Any kind of aggression never has good results.

All of the above concerns not only disabled ones, it all is a matter of normal human behavior. It was mentioned many times, and it is one of the main message of the article – disabled ones are normal ordinary people. The only thing that differs is their lifestyle and sometime behavior.

The world never stops and each new minute makes it different from previous times. People do the same. They are all different and it is exactly the very that thing, which makes them similar. Each person should be treated only according to his or her actions.

Always remember to treat people the way you want them to treat you. Never let them lose heart, especially when something really depends on you. Do not try to criticize, neither judge nor complain. It would be better for you to think how to make people happier. Keep smiling – when you smile, the whole world smile back to you. Respect people, appreciate them and always try to understand before intervention.

Author: Carol Taylor is a journalist and copywriter from New York, who works as an online tutor at Eduboard. She is a passionate traveler and life explorer, who loves spending time reading and writing articles.

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