Proving a point when it comes to in store marketing

When it comes to advertising and marketing, retail businesses often make the mistake that bigger is better. However, one in-store ploy that can often be overlooked in importance is potentially one of the most effective: the point of sale display.Proving a point when it comes to in store marketing
State of play.
We live in a world where we are consistently bombarded by bright words and eye-catching images, much of which carry the intent and purpose of persuasion. Designed to attract our attention, advertising of this type is in place to sway us regarding what we buy and where we buy it from. With this visual overload, it can be hard to separate the marketing strategies that truly impact from those that leave little lasting impression. But as a traditional piece of marketing, the point of sale display has long proven successful in increasing add-on sales in the short term and overall profits in the long term.
When it comes to footfall, for example, few areas of any shop are as significant as the till. Not only do a lot of customers spend time at the till perusing Perspex display products full of appealing items and information, they are already in a mind-set to spend money. As the last visual opportunity to encourage add-on sales prior to a consumer leaving a store, it is absolutely vital that points of sale displays are carefully considered.
Getting it right.
To harness the full impact of the point of sale display, the entire till area must be kept neat and tidy in order for the marketing matter to stand out to the customer. Store dependent, it may be appropriate to keep Perspex display products containing smaller items near the till. Impulse buying is a huge part of point of sale and add-on selling, but is often best reserved for low-ticket items in order to be a truly tempting prospect.
Colours are, of course, important. Making sure they are appropriate to product and brand can create a real sense of professionalism and continuity, as research shows that the more familiar a customer is with a brand, the more likely they are to make extra purchases. Similarly, the power of language in persuasion cannot be underestimated. However, as much as honest offers are very much welcomed in these economically pressing times, a fine line between fact and fiction has to be walked – striking a balance between hyperbole and exaggeration is key, as customers are savvy enough to know when they are being duped. Language used does not have to refer specifically to ‘deals’ as such. In fact, using point of sale material to display positive feedback regarding an item or a service can have just as much impact as monetary incentives.
No matter the products on offer or the type of store, the point of sale display is a major marketing tool. Not only that, it is an affordable advertising strategy for small and large businesses alike.
Nick Edwards is a business consultant who writes regularly on the importance of the customer in retail. He has advised many businesses in the retail industry regarding improving the consumer experience. Store presentation is a huge part of this, so to know more click on this page and see how shop displays can be improved.

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