LED Home Lighting – light up your house in an environmental friendly way!

LED Home Lighting – light up your house in an environmental friendly way!

LED lights are wonderful inventions that have changed the way electricity is used to light up a room. Light emitting diode or LED is extremely energy efficient lighting systems that use a semiconductor chip to produce light. Their long lasting characteristics make them the ideal replacement to the standard incandescent lights that use 90% of the household lighting costs.

Technology plays a significant role in our daily life and the LED lights are the perfect example of this. More and more corporate and residential complexes are opting for this type of lighting. Today everybody playing a part in protecting the environment.These lights have many benefits that can easily put any incandescent lights in a pale light.

LED Home Lighting

Some of the major benefits have been described below:

  • Energy Efficient: one of the most energy efficient light is the LED. While a regular 50 watt halogen lamp uses 90% electricity to pr0oducee 10% light, LED uses only 15% of the energy to produce 85% of the light and in the process the bulb remains cool to touch. As a result these bulbs remain highly energy efficient and will also help you save your electricity bills.


  • Long Life Span: Compared to the other lights in the market, you will be amazed to know that LED’s last for about 80,000 hours. This long life span means that this bulb will last about 8-10 times more than the halogen lamps making these bulbs extremely popular amongst the users.


  • Improved Durability: LED lights don’t have filaments in them and as such your fear of replacing the bulbs is reduced. You can easily use these bulbs for the next 8 to 10 months before you even think of replacing them.


  • Compact Size: these bulbs come in as small size as 2mm thereby making them a perfect choice for areas where it is difficult to reach and change the bulb.


  • Fast Switching: every time you switch on a LED bulb you will get the perfect bright light. You don’t need any back up light when you are using a LED light. They are the first choice when it comes to flash lights, traffic lights, automotive lights compared to the regular light that flicker when switched on and fade in or fade out when switched on and off.


  • Safety: when it comes to safety, these bulbs are one of a kind as they do not get heated up when switched on. In fact they remain cool all the times and hence you will not face any difficulty when you install or take off a bulb.


  • Environmentally Friendly: the absence of mercury makes these bulbs extremely environmental friendly. In fact these bulbs also do not emit harmful gases or harmful UV rays. If you are using a 13wLED light then you can be rest assured that your bulb is emitting 32% less CO2 than a regular incandescent bulb that is switched for a minimum of 10 hours.

If you are planning to opt for LED home lighting there are many different varieties available in the market in addition to the bulbs. You can opt from a wide range of LED light fixtures for your home (both indoor and outdoor) that will light up your home in an environmental friendly way while costing you less electricity bill.

LED Electronics & Accessories:

If you want to get the best out of your LED bulbs and lighting system it is advisable that you opt for the relevant accessories in conjunction to your LED lights. For the perfect application of these lights, opt for a LED current driver, LED Dimmers so that you can easily regulate the power of the lights to your usage and advantage.

We all are responsible for the current environmental situation and instead of the “blame-game” it is best if you take the adequate steps to do your bit for the environment. And changing your regular bulbs with the LED lighting system is a great way to begin. They conserve less energy, are cost effective, don’t emit harmful UV rays and are high on the environmental factor. Most of the traditional stores deal in these bulbs and lightings and in case you cannot find them, you can always check out the online stores to browse through the different ranges.

Even a few years back the concept of LED was not that popular and people were skeptical regarding the usage of these bulbs but over the years conception has changed, we have realized how it is essential to opt for ways and means by which we can conserve our environment so that our next generation are able to reap the benefits of our efforts. How the environment shapes up to be, depends a lot on our approach and thinking. So make these LED bulbs a part of your life, if you want to save money and do your bit for the environment. Go ahead and light up your house!

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