Most Beautiful Islands In Europe

Are you searching for the destinations in the summer season? Many of people are searching for the beautiful places where they would like to go with their loved ones. What about different islands on Earth? Yeah, this idea is cool in the month for the traveling and tourism.  People often think about PIA Booking however they have to confirm about the destinations of PIA, where the airline goes or not? Today, we are going to discuss about Europe’s islands for recreation and tourism.

Europe might a continent which consists of several countries but it has greatest cultural and historical legacy. It also feels better when you do tourism of Europe in the scorching sun-heat of summer. You can do swimming and spend some time on the beaches of islands in Europe. Many of the people like to do party all night just for fun and enjoyment. In tourism, several people like to visit historical sites and places and start learning about the local culture. Today, we are going to discuss about islands in the Europe.

Capri, Italy

Capri is an ancient which has been established by the Greeks many years ago.  It was visited by the government and public people. It was also tourist spots many centuries ago later Roman Republic was created. Sea fo Capri Islands look like sapphire and is also extremely beautiful to look at.

You must visit

  1. Gardens of Augustus
  2. The rock formation Faraglioni’
  3. The sea cave Blue Grotto,
  4. The footpath Via Krupp

Corsica, France

Corscia is dominated by local language which is called Corsican, it has many castles and churches. This island was conquered by Italy and France however occupation of French seemed to beneficial and now this magnificent island is a part of France. One of the famous landmarks is the Maison Bonaparte, home of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Crete, Greece

Crete is one the largest islands in the world. It consists of mountains, gorges, rivers and beautiful lakes. This island was once the center of Minoan civilization for thousands of year ago. It has surely largest population of Greek Island. It is a charming place and must be visited by anyone which wants to be visited. You can book Cheap Flights Ticket of going to Greece and then to going to Crete Island.

Hvar, Croatia                                                                                                                                                                                    

Croatia has one of the beautiful islands to which the tourist like tot approach as. One of them is better known as Hvar.  It is a magnificent island known for its splendid number of beaches. There is much historical and cultural information which you can gain while visiting the island.  Republic of Venice has annexed this island several times in history however now it is a permanent region of Croatia.

There are many landmarks which are to be seen like

  1. 1. Antique Theater Arena
  2. Saint Stephen’s Square
  3. Ducal Palace of Hvar
  4. Tvdraji Castle in Stari Grad

There are also many other popular locations then this one on Hvar Island

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is best island for traveling and tourism. The port located there is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is also historical island and was settled by different group of people in different times.  Many of the people go there for the purpose of doing parties and enjoying music. You can be one of them.  Visit this famous island of Spain. Spend your time in some hotel.

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Isle of Wight is an ancient island whose ownership United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has. Queen of UK has built a palace for her husband and herself.  They called it their winter home. It was dedicated to India because this place was built during British Raj.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is an island which is famous for the being the birth of world renewed footballer CristianoRonaldo however there are many landmarks also which you can visit. You can go to Cathedral and Town Hall in Funchal.  In the forests of this island, there are numerous species of flora and fauna.  This island is famous for its cuisine therefore if you get a chance to visit this island, definitely tries its delicious cuisine.

Mykonos, Greece

This is one of the beautiful islands which Greece has. The sea looks of bright blue color and white color are of the houses which belong to the people. This island also has historical background and one of the famous political leaders also played partial role in the independence of Greece from Ottoman’s empire in the 19th Century.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is another island of Greece.  It is one of the biggest islands of ancients like Minoan culture. There are two cities Fira and Ola which has been there. Emporio is also a name of village of which is located in this island. You can see the remnants of the ancient civilization.