Moving out Checklist When a Relocating House

Moving out Checklist When a Relocating House can be a stressful time for everyone, but the burden can be lightened by having a great plan out of how you are going to do things.A good few months before you decide to move write up a list of everything that you want to keep like your main possessions, decide what you want to take to your new house and where you will place larger items around your new home, if you haven’t already got one a floor plan will help you to do this. If you come across any items that you don’t want try to get rid of them well before you move by taking things down to charity shops, car boots or online sales.As it breaks nearer the time maybe 7-6 weeks before you are due to move clean out cupboards and place possessions in spare rooms or in organised piles so you are not scuffling around when the time comes, don’t forget the removal companies charge by the volume so the more you take the more you pay so from this you should only take the things you most want/need. If you are relocating due to a change in job then find out what costs your employer could foot the bill for.

As it breaks the month mark you want to be getting all your stuff organised and your head around things, you want to be finalising your move date so that you can be making bookings with the removals company. After you have done this appoint a removals firm but do your research into the background before you pick them to make sure that they are friendly, reliable and most of all reputable, ask them when they offer discounts as many companies will charge a premium for moving on bank holidays etc.

A few weeks before you move you should if you are on any medication check that you have enough to last the moving period, safely dispose of all flammables like any paints, Gas bottles, Cleaning fluids etc. If the removal company is not making the arrangements for you make sure that you are taking care of the light fittings and house cleaning as this will benefit your reputation for the new buyer.

One week before you move make sure you have placed all your important letters and documents in a sturdy box and put it where you won’t lose it – this should include things like passports, driving licenses, house deeds and wills also any insurance that you may have and anything else you consider important. Finish packing so that you are organised for the day that you go and do it systematically.

One day before you are due to leave make sure you check everywhere in the house to make sure there are no documents or possessions left, strip the beds and keep the linens in a box that travels with you, so you have something to sleep on the first night. Make sure you either have the keys to your new home or have arranged to collect them.

On the day of the move make sure that you record all of the meter readings, stay until the movers have finished and check the traffic for your journey. Make one final check you have everything and before leaving check all the windows are secure and water, gas and electric are switched off.

Once you are in your new home make sure that you are present before the crew arrives so you can tell them where you want the stuff, check the unloading of items and account for everything, check carefully for missing or damaged items. Place moving and other important documents in a safe place, collect held mail from the post office if it is arranged.

After you have moved in you should start making the beds before anything else because you need somewhere to sleep, start cleaning making the house all fresh for your things. Plug in your telephones, answering machines etc unpack the basic things that you need like things to eat. Let older children organise their own rooms and set younger ones up with some treats and toys while you organise theirs. If possible keep pets out the way while settling because they will only cause stress by getting in the way.

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