Photo sharing websites & Easy Ways to Monetize Your Photos

Earn Money Online way

Photo sharing websites

Are you an amateur photographer who is thinking about easy ways to monetize your photos? Here are some platforms that will enable you to popularize your photography skills and earn money out of it.
Having a photography blog of your own is an easy way to popularize your photos. You can create a blog that shows the photographs you have taken, and share the links with your friends and acquaintances. Provide a contact address, preferably your email address, to help those who are interested in buying your work.
You can also place ads on your blog via the Google Adsense program. The more your blog becomes popular, the more traffic it will have and the more clicks the ads will receive. This will help to generate a decent sum of money for you. The best thing is that you do not have to spend any amount for setting up the blog or for maintaining it.
SmugMug is an online platform which gives you a way for displaying and monetizing your photos. The attractive feature of this website is its easy customizable option.
You can choose from a large option of templates and features for displaying your photos and promoting them. The website also allows you to publish your photographs in Twitter and Facebook. You have the option to sell your photographs as prints or in the form of digital downloads. This is a paid website with an affordable service fee that ranges from $5 to $20 per month.
Zenfolio is another platform that enables amateur photographers to monetize their creations. This website gives you an option of creating a personalized portfolio where you can display your work and put up your photographs for sale. You can create photo galleries and also use the password protection option, so that only your subscribers are able to view your photographs.
The website offers a 14-day trial option when you can try out their services. If you want to continue the services after that, then you should pay a fee which goes up to $ 250 a year. The website fee will vary depending on the services and features that you have opted for.
If you are looking for a free online platform to display and sell your photographs, then you can try the PhotoBox. This website doesn’t charge any money for displaying or selling your photographs, but takes a 10 percent commission on every sale that is made. 
The website offers you the option of customizable galleries from where customers will be able to buy photographic prints of various sizes. You can also sell mouse pads, magnets, and coasters that feature your photographs.
Another popular platform for monetizing your photographs is the ifp3. This is a flash based website which allows you to set up both public and private galleries for displaying your photographs.
You can also set up a shopping cart which allows you to sell your photographs as prints and as digital downloads. The website has a 10 day free trial, after which you will have to pay $30 on a monthly basis, for continuing to get the services.
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