Preference of Sports Enthusiasts – TV vs OTT 

Preference of Sports Enthusiasts - TV vs OTT 

Preference of Sports Enthusiasts – TV vs OTT 

Sports are something that needs to be watched live otherwise it would lose its importance. Yet, sports enthusiasts do not stick to broadcast schedules to watch their favorite cricket match. There are so many matches that they would love to watch over and again. Sports are one of the few contents that are able to grab eyeballs on TV as well as OTT platforms. The only thing that people look for is the quality and clarity of the match.

A live match is able to catch the attention of the audience in an authentic and compelling manner. Sports enthusiasts who stream the match on the OTT platform give importance to viewer controls and functionality. It has been seen that fanatics spend more time on sports streaming than casual fans. 

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They analyze demographics and compare them with the sport being played. With overall satisfaction being less than 50 percent for both the platforms, there is an immense opportunity for technological advancement including augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and social media into their viewing experience. Improved broadcast and OTT experience would gradually improve overall fan satisfaction which will result in more opportunity for advertising, increasing revenue, and better financial outcomes. 

The audience would love to be more engaged with the team and game besides just watching a game. Some love test series and some love ODIs and everyone has different priorities. While the person interested in test series would focus on how a game is played or who played it better, an ODI lover would be more interested in knowing who wins the match. Meanwhile, there is a separate fan following for IPL matches. They would love to get IPL Live Updates even if they are busy in office or classes.

To get a true sense of the impact, it is important to analyze the streaming hours and share of broadcast by sports enthusiasts. While sports fans are expected to be consuming more than six hours per week, the hours would be more for fanatics. Sports are not only important for increasing viewership for channels, but they are also an important factor in OTT subscriptions. Fanatics must be spending more money on cable subscriptions than casual fans.

Convenience is an important factor. Millennials and Gen X prefer streaming services to watch a match as they are able to carry their favorite content wherever they want. It is important to note that broadcast and streaming rights grab a good share of the total league revenues. 

As sports teams and leagues are looking forward to increasing the value of their rights, it is important to maintain a high share of total sports viewing hours and the subscription rate. However, it is a matter of question if the Millennial fans are actually satisfied with their ability to stream a match with the same clarity and quality even outside the home. With the launch of 5G improving wireless connectivity, the quality of sports on OTT is expected to increase in the near future.  

Preference of Sports Enthusiasts - TV vs OTT 

Apart from the amount of time spent by fans watching a match, which device is being used is another key factor for the sports enthusiasts. While millions of fans gather at the same time in the stadium, watching a game on broadcast and streaming channels can take many forms. 

There are some people who prefer to watch alone, and there are others who prefer interacting with other fans while watching a match. People engage in conversations through SMS, online forums, and social media during sports. Social interaction seems important for Millennials whereas people in their 30s love their comfort zone. This provides new opportunities as well as challenges to the platforms.

Be it TV or OTT – the dissatisfaction can drive people away from sports. In this competitive world, there are various platforms and sports alternatives. Picture quality, clarity, and the device used are a few factors that play important role in determining the satisfaction level of sports enthusiasts. Fanatics love to use basic functions such as fast-forward, pause, and rewind. Apart from this, they need customized options for better viewing experience such as the ability to choose camera angles or announcers.

Apart from this, other features such as augmented reality (AR), VR front-row seats might enhance the experience of fanatics. Meanwhile, the legalization of sports betting in India is still out of question. Such features and innovations can keep fans engrossed while they watch the match. With the trend of personalization, broadcast and OTT platforms continue to be more personalized and customizable. 

Fans would love to get IPL Live Updates in a more personalized manner. Casual fans are eventually becoming fanatic. They are looking for a more technologically advanced solution providing the right content at the right time in the right way through the right channel.

In this way, by providing high-quality content on preferred devices, TV and OTT platforms impress fans and establish social interaction among them. 

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