Save Yourself from Hidden Charges When Hiring a Removal Company


Moving house isn’t easy. We all know how stressful it can be.  If you are planning a move, it is strongly recommended to do some research and plan in advance to identify the exact requirements and expense of your move.

Most people prefer to hire the home removal company with the cheapest price, but failing to identify the hidden costs can often mean you end up paying a lot more than you thought causing you even more stress and frustration.

Below are some proven tips that will help you avoid hidden costs when hiring a man with a van movers company.

Figure out if there is any toll booths on the route

First of all, check out all possible routes from your current dwelling to your new home address.  Check if there is any tolls booths and, if so, what is the price. Ask your home removal company if they had included this cost in their price or are they’re going to avoid the toll roads.

Know if your goods are insured or not while in transit

There are some man and van removals companies that offer free insurance cover for goods in transit. But there are other companies who may even ask you to insure your valuable belongings or, even worse, don’t even tell you that you need insurance! It may also happen that the company may charge an additional amount of insurance cover on top of the price quoted before, once the goods are moved successfully. It is wise to clarify this with the removal company you hire in advance, so the insurance cost doesn’t come as a surprise to you.

Ask the company if the fuel cost is included in the price quote or not?

Most home removal companies ideally include the fuel cost in their price, but there are some incidences where removal companies have charged fuel cost per mile on top of the original quoted amount. It is always wise to play safe, so get things clear between you and the service provider from the start.

Is your pick up or destination address an apartment/flat in a multi-story building with no lifts?

A Removal Company may charge you an extra amount if your items need to be moved up and down via staircases in a building with no lifts. Some companies ask about this during the initial enquiry stage and incorporate this into the quote. However, if the company you choose doesn’t ask you about such conditions for the move, it is better you update them at least before the day of your move.

Will you need additional services like packaging?

These days, a large number of professional home removal companies are helping their customers with disassembling/ assembling furniture or in packing/unpacking. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch so make sure any additional service doesn’t affect your budget for the move.

Follow these tips and hire a company that ensures that all your needs related to move have been catered and exactly quoted for.



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