The Preference of the Psychometric Test

The Preference of the Psychometric Test


When looking forward to recruit someone in an office, few Multinationalcompanies are putting more effort to find the right people for the post. Different methods are being implemented to find the best person. Once of the method of doing so is the psychometric test. This test occurs at different stages during the process of recruitment. Few companies want their candidates to submit the test result before the first round of interview and few want it during the different the recruitment time. Companies who want the test report before the interview means the candidate have to appear for the test from somewhere else. Good companies have their own set up for this test.

The Preference of the Psychometric Test

Psychometric test is very popular among the developed countries like United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, China and many more. They literally depend on this test to know about a candidate. This test tries to give the best result and honest review. They think that this is the best way to find a candidate. Few developing countries already started using this process in their companies. You get the test result for this particular test within few minutes; no one has to wait for hours to know the result.

Is there any difference between a psychometric test and personality test? These two tests are very confusing. Well, it is not the same at all. A psychometric test can have numeracy and literacy, not only personality. A personality test is just a part of the psychometric test.

Seeing an advertisement or receiving an email from the recruiters end, hundreds of candidates run to appear for the interview. If a candidate receives an interview call letter, where it is written that this test will be conducted, the candidate might think what is this test all about? You might have some clarification and here are some tips to help you prepare for it.

  • Practice is necessary-unless and until you practice a lot you will not be able to perform well. While practising, a candidate can take the test examples that are found online from reliable websites.
  • Understand the purpose for the exam- Many employers conduct this test among their existing employed staff, to see their personality, performance level and many more. When suppose you are already employed in a particular company and your employer has announced about this exam, do not get a single percent doubt that this exam is happening for chucking you out of the job if you are not able to perform well. So appear for this test with full confidence. You will be happy to see if your boss feels that you will be suitable for taking up new projects or he might give you a promotion.

The results show how efficient a candidate can be for the company. In an interview the candidate can make up stories and tell the recruiter but in this particular test there is no place to lie. The test results will immediately show that the candidate is telling lies. This test also says whether the candidate is going to be there for years in this company or not. Few people are there who loves to switch jobs; this is not good for a company, so with this test the human department will come to know about the mentality of the candidate.

There is nothing to worry about this psychometric test. Treat it as a normal test. Since childhood you have appeared for many tests, this is one of its kinds. Yes a bit of practising is necessary but it will be easy for anyone. This test takes place in an internet, so there will be no one to disturb you or copy your answers. Start your preparation from few weeks before the exam. Try to come to the examination hall with a fresh mind. Do not indulge yourself with alcohol, junk food on the previous night of the exam. Have fresh fruits, health drinks or oats for breakfast. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours before the exam, the fresher the mind and body the best you can give for your exam. If you are facing any kind of problem during the exam tell the person who is there in the room, discuss your problem with them. And if they find it necessary they will surely give you some extra time.

This test has made life very easier for recruiters of the company. The test results help them to understand who will be good for the company. They can easily filter out applicants who may not be good for the job or may not have the desired qualities in them. A question still arises whether a recruiter can give an assurance whether they have made a long term investment in an employee after the recruitment process is complete? Well this is again a matter of conjecture because no test can guarantee whether the employee will not be looking for other opportunities to move up the corporate ladder. Every employee looks for better scope and if they do not get it in their present office they do tend to resign and go.

What are you waiting for? Send your recruiters to take training on this exam and let them find the best person for your company. Within few days you will company to know how good this test is, when you get to see the performance of the employees.



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