Tips and Tricks To Choose the Best Display Cases

A perfect display case creates a good impact on your retail space. Besides keeping things organized, it enhances the appearance of your room, office, or store. Display cases play an important role while opening a new office or renovating your house. Different display cases are used for different purposes. You need to analyze the area and assess your needs. After that, you need to align your product selection according to the space available. The objective is to optimize both.

Choosing the right display case is extremely important for any business. Hence, you need to select the right one. You can also customize your Display Cases for your special requirements. You need to think about the aesthetics of the space, along with the needs of your customers. Besides wall display cases, you can also choose among gondolas and slimline towers. Following are a few display cases that have become popular over the last decade:

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Black Museum Display Case: Made from hardwood and featuring a black lacquer finish, these display cases enable 360-degree viewing with no access to dust or humidity.

Tower Display Case: These flexible cases with top light are free-standing, and can be put in various areas for a balanced look.

Wall Display Case: Wall display cases can be made according to the size of your room. Hence, these customized cases can use the available space in the most efficient way.

Type of Products

The kind of display case you should choose depends on what types of products you are featuring. A display case won’t work if it looks perfect in your space but doesn’t showcase your products in the right manner. Let’s see a few products and compatible display cases. Although the list doesn’t’ contain everything, it will surely provide insight and inspiration to create a perfect retail space for your merchandise.

Jewelry: Jewelry is expensive, but a customer needs to see them before selecting them. There are various types of jewelry with different designs. You can choose among pedestal jewelry cases and hexagonal display cases. These cases will give customers the option to view the jewels safely. Hence if you have a jewelry showroom, you can choose different types of shelves and cases for necklaces, bangles, anklets, bracelets, and many more items.

Electronic items: Nowadays, mobile phones are also as expensive as jewelry; hence, they need similar display cases. You can choose among a pedestal case, wall display case, and hexagonal display case to feature mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The glass used in the display cases keeps dust away from your valuable products. These kinds of cases with locks and keys are used to display valuable merchandise like watches, mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Fashion accessories: Besides jewelry, you need display cases for watches, scarves, stoles, handbags, shawls, and shoes. You can keep expensive items in a secured display and less expensive ones in an open display. There are full vision display cases, wall display cases, and slimline towers to choose from.

Home Décor and Gifts: If you have a gift and souvenir shop, you need display cases to keep photo frames, framed paintings, small statues, and other home décor items. From slimline to fine-line towers, there are various display cases that can enhance the appeal of your shop and help you to keep things clean and organized. You can also choose among corner display cases to countertop displays.

Glasses: Optical display cases are perfect for opticians as their glasses and accessories can be featured in an appealing way. With the lights inside them, this type of display case helps the customers to lay more focus on the products. The trays can also be pulled out to get a better view.

After you decide on the right display case for your commodities, you need to give it the final touch for the perfect finish. It will bring all the products and tie them together. For this, you can choose either the look of black and grey or wood finishes of the Victorian era.

Custom Display Cases

There are various pre-built and custom-built display cases available for your stores. Different variations have been introduced so that it becomes easy for you to display your products so that customers can browse through and choose the right item. You need to analyze if a display case serves your purpose, the material it is made up of, and whether it requires a lock or not. Sometimes, you need to customize your Display Cases to fit in your retail space. In this way, you don’t have to stress much about the height and length of the items. You can simply measure the dimension of the products and choose a display case accordingly.

Choosing a display case becomes easier if you follow the above tricks. Display cases are not just a piece of furniture but a part of décor too. Hence, make sure it is well-suited to your retail store. If the display rack matches your store décor, choose a lighting arrangement that will display your products in a more appealing way.

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