Tips for Writing Instagram Captions That Will Attract Followers

Tips for Writing Instagram Captions

Tips for Writing Instagram Captions That Will Attract Followers

You need to take into consideration the one thing that is known to attract your followers to click on the Instagram image, other than only the image. Well, it is obviously the caption of the image. It is necessary to insert engaging and proper Instagram captions, which will be appealing enough to gather attention. Most of the times people consider it to be an extremely easy and simple task, but it definitely is not easy. When you are uploading 3 or 4 pictures, it is easy to write the Instagram captions. But when you have to upload a series of pictures for a really long time period, it is going to get tough. This is why you need to be aware of certain tips when you are writing a caption.

Given below are the tips that you can follow for writing engaging and amazing Instagram captions, and make sure that you start using them right from today.  

Tips for Writing Instagram Captions

Writing long captions

It has been observed that a number of people tend to get lazy and prefer writing short captions, and sometimes they do not write a caption only. This is something that should be strictly avoided, especially when you are working towards boosting the Instagram engagement. It is necessary that you write long and catchy captions. There is a particular reason as to why Instagram allows up to 2000 characters for writing an Instagram caption. You have to use this space and ensure that it is not left blank.

Using enough hashtags

Hashtags are considered to be extremely effective and a widely used tool, which helps in growing the Instagram reach to a great extent. You need to know that there will be only 20 or 30 hashtags, which almost everyone is going to use in the industry that you belong to. You can try using all of them in all the posts that you are posting on Instagram. Hashtags are extremely common and hence your audience is not going to get annoyed at any cost. Hashtags help in giving a bigger as well as a better reach for your brand on Instagram. You should not miss this opportunity for any reason. In accordance with, 7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags are branded.

Asking questions

A great way of engaging with the audience is by asking questions in each and every post. You only have to ask questions that are relevant to the posts. With time, you will be able to spot the difference yourself. When your audiences receive a particular question, they will comment on the post. One comment leads to a number of other comments, and every time someone comments, your followers are going to come back to the post. Asking questions is considered to be a recurring engagement as opposed to the one-time engagement that you might receive from the other techniques.

Following up

You should not consider the content that you have already posted is a one-time event. It is necessary that you try and create a story out of the entire thing, along with a number of follow-ups as well as mentions of a post that is old, so that your followers can get the sense of the bigger picture. This will help in doing two important things, which include, people will be willing to respond to stories as compared to a one-time image, and it hardly matters when a person is going to discover your post because once they do so, they will definitely go back and go through the entire story. This means that there will be a continuous engagement of both the current as well as the previous posts.

Being funny

An important reason as to why people constantly use social media is not because they are interested in receiving the brand message but they also look for entertainment. You have to understand that you are going to communicate with the followers. The information, which you are going to share, should be funny as well as informative so that it becomes easier for you to create the Win-Win culture for the brand as well as the followers. Irrespective of the kind of business that you have, if you are extremely humorous, you will be able to easily turn your caption funny even when you are posting your message. If you feel that you are not funny enough, it is best to hire a person who will be able to do this job efficiently for you. Use Instagram DM notify to understand if your followers have messaged you directly.

Encouraging your followers to comment

A number of times your followers are going to require a push for doing something, and you are the one who has to give this push. It is your duty to encourage your followers to leave comments on the posts, and you have to do it through your caption. A number of Instagrammers tend to offer incentives within the caption along with requests to leave comments, which is a good thing. A few others simply request their followers to comment and this also works wonderfully.

Sharing quotes

When you find it difficult to write a caption, you can easily insert messages or quotes written by reputed personalities. You have the option of turning the entire quote to image posts, if that is what you want, or you have the option of using the caption with a similar image, which is going to go perfectly well with your caption.

Being relevant

It is important that you remain relevant to the current events or time. For instance, if it is 2018 and you are posting about some event that happened in 2011, it is obvious that your followers will consider it to be a bad caption. This is why it is crucial that you are relevant, whenever you decide to post anything. Attaching the caption to a certain recent thing is going to bring in engagement.


Writing captions may seem extremely easy but the truth is that it is not. While writing a caption, you should be able to evoke emotions within your followers. Follow all these tips if you are interested in writing an engaging and compelling caption.

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