How To convert your garage into a beautiful new room

Originally posted on February 2, 2020 @ 11:14 pm

Turning garage into room-If carried out with care, converting your garage is a fantastic way to create more space in your home and to add value to your property. Particularly if you have an integral garage, the process of converting it into a living space will be quick, simple and affordable.

What kind of conversion do you want? 

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Before you start making plans and checking out wooden garage doors prices, make sure that you have a chat with your local estate agent about the effect of adding an extra room to your property. In terms of what type of room you want to convert it into, the sky is the limit. If your existing kitchen is small and cramped, you may want to turn your garage into a spacious and luxurious space for cooking. Or if you work from home and currently have no dedicated work space, you could convert it into a home office or study. Parents may want to use their garage as a playroom for young children, whilst fitness fanatics might like the idea of having an at-home gym.
Where to begin: 

If your garage is a bit of a mess and you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of converting it, start off with the basics   the garage door. Changing the old, unattractive metal door for an elegant wooden one can make all the difference to the look of the space and may even inspire you to continue decorating! Wooden garage doors prices can vary quite a bit, so make sure to shop around to find the best deals.Planning the decor: 
In order to ensure that the finished look is tasteful, stylish and modern, make sure to plan out the colour scheme before you get to work. Ideally, you should create a mood board   this is simply a pin board onto which you stick magazine images, paint and fabric swatches and photos on, so that you can get an idea of what type of decorative scheme will work best in the space. Because garages tend to have little or no natural light, it’s best to stick with a lighter, brighter colour palette   and make sure to carefully consider the lighting for the space too.One issue most people have to deal with when converting a garage is how to make the room feel as if it is a part of the rest of the house. The key to achieving this is to use a similar decorative scheme to the one in the room the garage is joined to. So, aim to use the same types of door and window fittings, as well as the same flooring, if possible. If the door to the adjoining room is wooden, then opt for a wooden door for the garage. Wooden garage doors prices are usually quite reasonable, so creating that ‘seamless’ look shouldn’t end up costing you too much.

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