Use Astrology to Fight Life’s Challenges

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Astrology is important for revealing partner compatibility while trying to fix marriages in India. Horoscopes of both partners are sent to family astrologers for meticulous analysis, which helps reveal information about relationships between families and marital bliss. Astrologers also have the best solutions for such problems, and most families have tremendous faith in these learned professionals.

Any family can take help from the best astrologer in India for a love marriage as well. Although compatibility between the partners has already been established due to familiarity, it is helpful to know how the two would adjust to a marriage. The primary purpose of consulting a reputed astrologer is to know more about one’s own future, and working with the professional helps one choose the best path for existence. Other than the marriage, clients of astrologers also look to devise strategies to dodge future career obstacles.

Know the science behind astrology

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An astrologer is adept at studying the positions of different planetary bodies. These positions are then used to either interpret past events or to make accurate predictions about future outcomes. Every person has a birth chart, each of which is divided into houses. Planets constantly enter and exit these houses, and this has an effect on a future course of action such as a marriage. For instance, suitable planets present in the 5th or 7th houses, when coupled with a strong Venus influence, lead to a happy love marriage. For utmost happiness in marriage, planets like Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter should support the birth chart.

Manglik Dosha in marriages

One of the reasons for delay in marriage or different types of problems among married couples is the result of Manglik Dosha. It is the name given to the harmful effects of Mars, which radiates unpredictable energy. If Mars is present in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house, there could be a lot of discord in a marital relationship. Astrologers always advise Mangliks to get married to other Mangliks, so that both harmful effects can be cancelled. The problem can also be cancelled if the individual is born on a Tuesday.

Astrologers have come up with different ways to counteract the effects of Manglik Dosha. Some of these are as follows:

1. Fasting on every Tuesday
2. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra
3. Kumbh Vivaah
4. Visiting the temple of Hanuman or Lord Karthikey every Tuesday
5. Feed jaggery and lentils to cows on Tuesday
6. Wearing a silver bracelet on the left hand
7. Wearing a silver ring or a copper-embedded coral gem

Medical troubles

Every individual in India does not have the same belief or faith in astrology. Despite this, the field has managed to come up with solutions to several human problems, one of which is health. As major medical emergencies like COVID-19 torment the world, people are having difficulties coming to terms with the fragility of their lives. As any well known astrologer, the types of medical problems an individual will face throughout life are shown in his or her horoscope.

Imagine an individual’s horoscope which states that he will face a heart attack at 45. Now if that individual avails the services of an astrologer at 25 or before, he will be able to take the necessary precautions. The easiest way to know about this is the prevalence of symptoms like high blood pressire and artery blockages due to cholesterol.

Why read horoscopes

For certain individuals, horoscopes are great sources of harmless fun in the morning. They read it just to know about what might happen, but never follow the techniques or given or are particularly influenced. Then there are others who are habituated to read these. Those who begin their mornings by reading the local newspapers don’t forget to read about their forecasts as these are strategically placed next to the first city news page. Even a mildly curious person is likely to read it every once a while.

Other than the above two, there is yet another category which derives deeper meanings from horoscopes. Those who like to know how their lives will be influenced positively on a day like to read them. You will notice that most horoscopes are slightly biased towards positive life occurrences, which gives a lot of comfort to readers. This is because each individual focuses only on the part that is relevant to him or her.

A lot of people realize that they get lucky at times since whatever has been written emerges as the truth in their lives. It’s a lot of fun when this coincidence happens and it greatly boosts morale. There is clearly a psychological benefit to it, and what most people do not understand is that it has a scientific basis. Unfortunately these horoscopes are not specific to one individual and follow the “one size fits all” principle. This is exactly why a personal astrologer is most useful.

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