Getting a Vintage Interior Design look in the home

Getting a Vintage Interior Design look in the home can be achieved a number of ways. Have a look here at our blog.

Vintage interior design seeks to recreate the years immediately after the Second World War when people were increasingly buying glamorous things. This appears as if people were celebrating the end of war and make do situations. Furniture at the time was made with a lot of thought behind it. The vintage theme is nostalgic and elegant in nature and is a beautiful idea to add to a home.

Vintage Interior Design

Vintage interior design strives to recreate a tasteful design that reminds you of old but stylish things. You could design your room with soft colours in combination with a variety of fabrics. After living in unfavourable conditions because of war, people were hoping to make their homes as comfortable as possible. War also made people to appreciate the fine things in life.


Vintage interior design applies a tasteful and interesting application of decor. It can give a sense of sentimentality and classical look to your home. It is also bold enough to complement the rest of your home decor. If you install lights, you could install soft lighting that is balanced and soothing to the senses. You may blend the colour scheme of your room with some neutral tones and increase some impact to the available space with a bolder colour. You must not go overboard with the bright colours if you want to maintain a vintage look.


Off white in combination with soft pale colours such as egg shell blue would produce a stunning look for your decor. Some people have used the mushroom colour of their upholstery that they have on their chairs. This can create a stunning look if they match it with navy blue and white of their cushions.


You can create a great vintage interior design if you bring in upholstered furniture with button backs. This will look better especially if the furniture is made of leather or plain fabric. For the walls to create a vintage look, you can use wallpaper with bold or floral patterns. Alternatively, you may decide to paint the walls and you would still achieve that amazing look. Some timber wall panelling is great to arouse confusion among visitors as to whether they are in a wooden house.


Before committing to carrying out vintage interior design, you should have a way in which you can record your thoughts and ideas to ensure that you have a clear plan. Before you make any changes, you can consult your records to ensure that your mood does not cause you to deviate from using the vintage concept.


The floor can receive a vintage makeover as well. You could install a great looking hardwood floor by staining to a mid-tone the floorboards or parquet. The people living in the 1940s and 50s had also discovered the use of rags, which they used to partition parts of the rooms. These include the drinks area, sitting area, and dining area. You could recreate such zoning by using patterned carpets.


During this era, people also had much preference for display units, picture frames, cabinets and sideboards. You could throw in a television set to complement these pieces of furniture. In many homes, television was gradually taking a prominent place in many living rooms.


Being open-minded certainly helps when you are trying to recreate a vintage interior design. Even though you want the interior to achieve the same look of over 60 years ago, you should be a little creative and stylish. This will define your personality as well as enhance the look that people associate with the post world war II environment. In this way, you could choose being unique than create exact replicas and imitations.


Inspiration from the vintage classics is great if you incorporate your own ideas. By putting your own ideas into use, you could avoid making your home appear over themed. Instead, your home should show how you have developed your own preferences.


When you carry out vintage interior design, you should aim at creating a home that is amazing by being sleek but functional. You should be able to enjoy looking at your creations when you are through with the design.


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