How to make your Wedding Hall Decoration Unforgettable using Ice Sculptures

Are you looking for a way to make your wedding an unforgettable event?  There are a number of things you can do to make your wedding exceptional. From a perfect-fit tuxedo to the most elegant gown, from authentic local cuisine to live performance by a popular band, a lot of things can give your wedding a “never seen before” tag.


However, the one thing that can play as a game changer and is bound to be noticed by guests is the Wedding Hall Decoration. If the wedding reception hall is aesthetically decorated, the moment guests enter the venue, they will appreciate your taste.

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Different people try different things to add an X factor to their Wedding Hall Decoration but no other decoration is more visually brilliant than ice sculpture. With the help of different ice sculptures, you can give your wedding decoration a unique twist and transform the ambiance immediately.


Ice sculptures, as the name suggests, are elegant and eye-catching works of art, made from ice. The sculptures can be placed at the entrance, on the buffet table, at the bar or simply be the centerpiece inside the hall. The sculptures can be designed in different sizes and shapes as per your requirements and can be positioned at the venue just before the event begins. There are a number of ice sculpture companies in every country and you can contact them for your wedding decoration.


Ice sculpture decoration ideas are many. In fact, it all depends on your imagination. Since the models can be made as per your wish, the possibilities are endless. However, if the wedding day is fast approaching and you don’t have much time left for research, go through some of these ice sculpture Wedding Hall Decoration ideas and implement whichever you like the most.


# Hang an ice curtain: You may have arranged buffet for the wedding reception but it is always better to provide comfortable seating arrangements so that guests can enjoy the delicacies comfortably. Now, inside a large hall, it’s a little difficult to separate the seating area, without obstructing the view of guests. After all, while eating, people would love to see the other activities. Therefore, you can hang an ice curtain to separate the sitting area from rest of the hall. This way, you will be able to provide privacy without hampering visibility.


# Install a liquor luge:  A wedding is incomplete without quality liquor, but serving chilled wine or vodka from start till the end is a challenging task. To solve this problem and give your guests a unique experience, you can use an ice luge. An ice luge is a sculpture that has a tunnel drilled inside it. When the liquor is poured at the top end of the tunnel, it drains, gets very cold and then transfers into a glass for serving.


# Add a romantic centerpiece to every table: You can ask the ice sculpture provider to create frozen hearts or swans as table centerpieces. Store flowers inside the sculpture to create a romantic atmosphere. All the guests will appreciate your attention to details and enjoy the beauty of ice sculpture while savoring the food.


# Oyster bar: At the buffet table, you can keep a stylish snacks bar, made of ice, to store oysters and other snacks. It will have a visual impact and you will be able to serve fresh food in the right temperature to guests.


# Liquor bar: If luge is not good enough for you, how about an ice-made bar? Just visualize the scene. A professional bartender serving wine, champagne and cocktails standing behind an ice-made bar and guests can’t stop gushing about the unique idea. This leads to my next idea. What if you don’t use normal glasses for serving drinks?


# Shot glass: Frozen shot glasses can be the perfect medium for serving tequila or wine to guests. It will go with the ambiance and will keep the drinks cool for a long time. Guests will be able to enjoy the taste of their favorite liquor without any hurry.


Hope these ice sculpture decoration ideas will bring a smile on your guests’ faces. You can also ask your friends for more suggestions or use your own imagination for using ice luges, sculptures and other ice artifacts as unique wedding and party decorations.



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Dax Vyas is associated with FestiveIce. Festive Ice is a one of the leading ice sculpture designer based in Ontario, Canada. It provides services regarding Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain for wedding decoration. You can also connect him at Face book and twitter.


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