6 Ways Motorized Blinds Make your Life Better

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Motorized blinds offer ease of managing windows with a remote control. Just with a push of a button, you can control precise movements of slats and control the amount of light that enters your room. However, for many people, motorized blinds are just gimmicks and offer more novelty than actual value.

Motorized blinds

But in reality, motorized blinds and outdoor awnings offer innovative, beneficial solutions for ventilation and natural light control. Let’s see why motorized blinds rock!

#1 Ventilation in Hard-to-reach Places

Many people wish to have skylights in their homes, but it’s hard to operate blinds or shades at heights. Thanks to motorized blinds, it is now possible to have ventilation in roofs or ceilings. Since these custom blinds can be operated through wireless systems, you can now enhance natural aeration and lighting into your room and can also enjoy views of clear skies on bright, sunny day.

#2 Convenient to Operate

With manually-operated blinds, you’ll have to walk up to your windows for making even the slightest adjustments. This can be quite tedious during days when there are frequent weather changes. The cords add to inconvenience. Motorized blinds offer great convenience regarding operation as you get rid of complicated mechanisms, and slats and blinds can be tilted or raised simply by pushing a button.

#3 Safe for Children

Corded window blinds have always been a cause of concern for children’s safety as some strangulations cases have come forward in the last few decades. So if you have kids at home, then cordless window blinds are undoubtedly the safest options for you. Also, they can be installed at greater heights which keep them out of your children’s reach. So, you don’t even have to worry about your kids spoiling or scratching the blinds or shades.

#4 Programmed Control

A great advantage offered by motorized blinds is that they can be operated with timers. This means that they can be programmed to open and close at fixed times or at regular intervals. So you can set it to close automatically when it’s time for your afternoon nap or program it to open during your reading time. Some advanced motorized blinds can also be programmed to respond to the amount of light!

#5 Synchronized Control

Most of us will think twice before installing blinds and shades in the same room. Cords and structural differences increase complications in handling them. But it is now possible to have synchronized controls for both window treatments. Nowadays, motorized blinds and shades with synchronized controls are available that enable you to raise and lower blinds and shades simultaneously. So, you get to save your time and efforts while enjoying style and functions of both shades and blinds.

#6 Less Wear and Tear

Motorized blinds not only offer ease of use, but also help in keeping your blinds in top-top condition. Continuous fiddling with cords and slats takes its toll with time. After few months, slats and fabric appear faded. Further, people who are unfamiliar with use of manual shades can cause tangling and knotting resulting in service calls. In addition, replacement of control mechanisms of window blinds can be quite expensive.

Using motorized blinds will not only result in less wear and tear, but will also be more cost-effective in the long term. Slats and fabric stay intact and clean for longer periods, and they don’t get tangled either.

Bottom Line

It is quite clear that motorized blinds are beneficial in several ways. They are perfect choices for anyone who wishes to add extra level of convenience in his or her home. Besides administering functional advantages, automated custom blinds offer aesthetic advantage too by removing ‘unwanted’ cords which otherwise keep tangling on furnishings and detract your room’s aesthetics.

Another advantage that comes with automated window treatments is that they can be customized with preferred materials, colors and in desired sizes. You can consult window treatment experts to get more details and select the right motorized blind or shade.

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