How we ruin our entire lives while young

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We live only once, and that once is all we need if we live it well.  Youthfulness comes with energy, curiosity and sometimes a carefree spirit. However, sometimes we end up doing things that mess us up for the rest of our lives.

Most young people spend without saving and investing. This will cause them headaches in future.
  • Ignoring people that care most about us

Family and close friends matter in life: they are the people we can always turn to whether in good times or bad. In the pursuit of a good career and good life, we might end up not giving them the due attention that they deserve. Do not focus too much about all the life’s madness and forget those that really matter.

  • Staying in the comfort zone

Nothing good comes easy. Resting too much, idling, taking unnecessary trips and not taking chances is not fulfilling at all. All those that have successful careers and businesses have had to sacrifice and get out of their way to make things happen. Waiting for a fulfilling career to be dropped at your lap will never happen. You have to get out and work towards that which you want to achieve.

  • Failing to utilize the time asset

You have your whole life ahead of you and the greatest resource you have is time. Spending most of our time on things that do not build us, or have a positive impact on life is a huge of a resource. Take time to reflect, think, dream and plan. Working too hard without a plan and a goal is meaningless. Have workable strategies and specific, realistic goals. Focus your time and attention to things that bring you satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Unhealthy financial habits

Financial advisers advice on spending less than you earn, and saving more. One in their 20s may not be financially stable as they might still be in school, or their career is yet to take off. Going for unnecessary trips, shopping for stuff that we do not need are some of the ways we spend the little that we have.  Financial discipline is important. Save a certain percentage of what you earn for emergencies, retirement, project or an investment.

  • Lack of self awareness

‘Know thyself,’ Socrates advised. Some of us harbor negative thoughts about ourselves, while others live under the shadows of others. They are afraid of letting the world know who they really are.  A person who does not build their self image ends up settling for things way less than what they deserve. Work on your self esteem while still young, know what works for you and what does not.

A self aware person knows when to walk out of a toxic relationship,  when to fight for what they believe in and when to just call it quits and try something new.

  • Unhealthy lifestyles

Most young people are not keen about their health and this comes to haunt them much later in life. Unhealthy eating habits, odd sleep patterns, drinking and partying too much, all these lead to health complications that could be fatal in future.

Limit the number of drinks you have in a specific period of time, eat healthy food and get adequate sleep. You will be reducing your risk of health issues like diabetes, addiction, stress and obesity.

  • Staying in toxic relationships

Some of us just do not know when to leave and when to stay.  We cling on to relationships that are emotionally draining since we have invested way too much in them. If  a relationship entails physical abuse, silent treatment, nastiness,  and a bunch of other negative habits, leave. Dating is not easy and has never been, no matter your age. Stay in that which builds you, and your partner.

Make wise decisions now, while you are young. The consequences will be felt all your life. Do not be afraid to dream, to risk and to do what brings you satisfaction, and thus success.