Why iOS 8 Release is buzzing worldwide

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How soon will you get iOS 8 Released?

Apple Fans have to wait till June as iOS 8 Released update is stlll not yet clear
as official release date is still unknown

 ios 8 release


Whats Big Rumour about iOS 8 Release

Many websites are talking about  Big Rumour about iOS 8 Release is that advance feature like
1)Public transit will be added into Apple Maps  
2)Health and fitness user friendly application  might be or is said to be a major focus 

3) Reports also suggest better Apple Maps with supercool micro detailed features ,TextEdit and Preview

apps, astandalone iTunes Radio app for tomorrows Radio users and more may be .

Whats Big news Awaited for iPhone 6 

iPhone 6 may have 

1)Big  4.7-inch display will likely be bigger than the iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s.

2)iPhone 6 rumors will be superfast with new A8 processor

3)The iPhone 6 will be upgraded by advanced feature with an upgraded camera, a sapphiredisplay after so

much trial work & long wait for fans of iPhone 6 worldwide.

Where will iOS 8 Release
If you are lucky you may witness  iOS 8 in its entirety at WWDC in June. 

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