Knowledge for Living Room Decoration

Living room is the public area for family time and receiving guests. It has the highest human flow in our home. Therefore it is the priority among priorities when having home decoration. Here are summary of living room decoration knowledge to help home owner avoid decoration mistakes.


1. Lighting plays important role in home decorating. Proper use of lighting in home decoration may change the whole atmosphere. Many people have the wrong decoration concept that they should use as many lighting as possible. Reflector lamp is popular choice among many other lighting categories. Although reflector lamp has low wattage, it may accumulate large amount of heat and generate high temperature in short time. It has the hidden danger of fire. Therefore, home owner should take security into consideration when choosing lamp.Knowledge for Living Room Decoration

2. The price of ceramic tile is varied for production technology. We all know that price is in proportion to quality. If the ground tile is cheap, its wear resistance will be poor. Ground tile do not belong to durable goods. It will be worn out after using for a period. Besides, cheap ground tile has poor skid resistance. It may cause accident when walking on it. Therefore, customer should try to choose high quality tile. Do not be induced by cheap price.

3. Electric wire and water pipe are another large expenditure in home decoration. People may want to save money on this when they have tight budget. Electric wire and water pipe have close relation to home security. If their quality does not up to standard, it will cause bigger trouble. In modern home decoration, electric wire and water pipe are embedded in ceiling, wall or floor; it will be big project to fix them. In summary, quality comes first for selecting electric wire and water pipe.

4. Do not cut the budget by reducing the number of plug. Some people think that reducing the number of plug can reduce electric wire at the same time. They try to control the plug number when having electric wire layout. The number of electrical appliances will increase with time. It will be difficult to install new plugs when need. The possibility of danger will increase when using several home appliances on the same plug at the same time. Do not try to save money on plug. Do as the professional tell you to guarantee electrical safety.

5 Avoid too much soft decoration in living room decoration

First, move the furniture placed against wall to the central of living room. Leave some space between furniture and wall. It has the function of expand space visually and make furniture become the view focus in living room.

Second, do not occupy the space on sofa with too many back cushions. The number of cushion should be controlled in certain amount.

Third, many people have the habit of collecting beautiful items and exhibit them in home as a decoration way. What I want to remind home owner is that do not piling up your show cabinet with those items. They may make your home messy. You can try to classify and exhibit them in turn. By this way, you not only can make your home organized, but also can add fresh element every now and then.

6 Choose proper soft decoration

First, do not use too many fabrics on sofa. Integrity slipcover can maintain the smoothness and concise look of sofa.

Second, rug is a common décor people used in home decoration. But rug should be combined with furniture, such as bed, sofa and table. Using it individually in a blank area may influence the space integrity and stumble people. Therefore, people planning to have rug should take these factors into consideration.

Third, artificial flower brings indoor air pollution. On one side, it cannot add vitality to your home as true flower; on the other side, it will absorb dust on it. It will be a large sum of money to use true flower as home décor every day. Home owner can use other home decors to replace it. For example, use colorful vegetables and fruits to create visual impact, or natural plants like wicker and bamboo.

Fourth, when you use decorative picture to add artistic feeling in your home, the height of picture frame matters. No one would like to appreciate artwork by rising head. The perfect height is in parallel with your eyesight. If your decorative picture is large, you can have the upper door frame as base line. The height of decorative picture should not surpass it. This ensures people can appreciate it comfortably from any angle in the room. Another rule for hanging decorative picture at the back of sofa is that leave 15 cm interval between the bottom of decorative picture and the top edge of sofa back cushion. Except decorative picture, wall decals are another good selection for wall decoration

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