3 Fitness Tips for the Office workout: How to Stay Healthier at Work



Most health councils recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity and exercise every single day. Human beings are meant to move around, work their bodies and feel the joy of sheer movement and exertion. In reality a lot of people never hit even the most minimum target. Long hours at the office, unhealthy eating habits and an overall increasingly sedentary lifestyle have made health problems like obesity, arthritis and more increasingly common.

With joint procedures like hip replacement surgery or breathing and cardiac troubles becoming all the more commonplace, the need to get more physically and mentally fit and inculcate a routine in our busy lives has never been more pressing. On days when you are at the office for really long hours and can’t squeeze in a decent workout, there are at least a few things you can do at the work place to increase or add in a little bit of physical activity and exertion.


Read on for a few handy ways to stay more active at work


  • Exercise at your desk – Many of us sit for super long hours tapping away on our desks staring at the computer screen or talking on the phone. Not only can this be super uncomfortable after a point and cause a stress on the back, neck and shoulder muscles but it also isn’t good for you at all. Apart from periodically getting up and stretching, one remedy is to learn a set of many exercise you can do at the desk itself, some even in a seated posture.

There are a plethora of exercises you can do while still sitting at your office desk called Office workout like calf raises, shoulder twists and more. If you know you have a long phone call coming stand and talk so that you burn more calories and if the office environment permits you can even jog or walk in place. Some people also opt to switch out their desk chairs with a big exercise ball to sit in, which helps keep your core muscles engaged all day and keeps you aware of your posture.


  • Add in mini cardio sessions through the day – One of the worst things you can do is spend hours a day planted in one place and not get in any kind of aerobic activity at all. Even on a long, draggy day at work, it is possible to get in mini bursts of aerobic activity. Aim for at least a minute ever so often in order to keep heart health risk at bay. Along with minor exercises at your desk aim to find a quiet corner or even a spot in the restroom to do a minute or so of exercises like a statics slow jog, jumping jacks, squats, arm pumps, shadow boxing and the like. Have a vacant room you can use? Use it for some walking lunges or a skipping session. Aim to get in at least a short brisk walk during your lunch or any other break.


  • Watch your intake – One common side effect of an office environment is the constant munchies. Grabbing a muffin from the pantry, some candy from a co-workers desk or binging on junk food during late night meetings and more all begin to add up. The unwanted pounds begin to creep when faster than a blink of an eye. Try and carry fresh fruits or cut veggies and healthy snacks like cucumber or baby carrots with humus or yoghurt dip, a whole wheat sandwich or even a low sugar cereal bar instead. Stave off boredom munching by drinking water and keeping hydrated or sip on some healthy green tea instead.


Don’t let time at work become an excuse to be unhealthy. Put in a few practices into play and keep the fitness levels up.



Bio –

Mikhail Shay is a trainer who specializes in at risk and elderly clients. He has trained people with issues ranging from hip replacement surgery complications to those with severe obesity issues and believes that adding small preventive measures in day to day activities can make a vast difference. He is currently in the process of writing his first book.



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