Effects of Poverty-Can Celebs dare to live 100% in texas Hut

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Effects of Poverty- Its incredibly very different story every where in the world, if we compare how people live there lives.
Now-a-days when property market has got so much value due to fast growing world population that for some its medium to become rich rather than investing in share markets,fd,banks.
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While some only needs roof to save there family from natural causes like winds,floods,etc.
So it is big difference when we look at this issue where stars celebs like katy,gaga,etc have spent there hard earned income to just buy that dream mansion which is so beautiful .
This celeb buy so large houses in size that instead of 1 star in that large bungalow ,it can accommodate 4-5 poor family.
The Celeb never ever think or care of poor families before buying such houses. The stars celebs like katy,gaga,etc are always in the rat race to make sure they are in the news not only for the films,but also for there much hyped property deals.
Its fact that many Hollywood stars just goes on buying big posh, costly houses at a record price .This cycle continues where they really don’t care even if the house is closed for many years without them actually living the house they bought for.
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Ever one in the world will agree that in poor nations like Banladesh,Pak, etc were people stay in rent, sleeps in road or hut in 2 by 2 area without any star facility, but many troubles like no water supply, leaking house,etc that poor people .They always wonder how stars Celeb live alone in posh bunglows alone & compare there life.
 Many world richest people always will agree with the fact that just because of money they  can snatch all land properties which was previously made as poor poor’s demands by the builder.
 Now days we hardly see any small room building even when there so many poor people who won’t flat or house they can afford to buy.
But now even though poor population is so high which want cheap ,affordable house, this builder just are pleasing big fish in the ocean and are making no flats for poor.This trend is making poor’s life so miserable that they are so helpless  that they cant revolt against this rich builder lobby.
poorest countries
Every  builder lobby knows that celeb like Hollywood stars are keen to buy there property even in recession so why worry about poor people.
So,its high time world government should keep tab on such celeb and builder lobby who in the name of modernization and luxury are snatching lands where many poor family can live instead of one celeb.

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