Practical Parenting Tips to help your child succeed in school: Support Child Education

 Tips to help your child succeed in school: Support Child Education 

Everyone wants their child to reach their full potential at school. This can be a difficult thing to do as children find all sorts of distractions that can get in the way. Hormones, relationships and friendships, peer pressure and difficulties understanding can all affect how successful your child will be during school. You can help though, there are steps you can take throughout your child’s school life that will at least help support them as they learn and grow by below tips to help your child succeed in school in Practical Parenting Tips.

The morning routine can have an effect on the whole of the day ahead so it is worth trying to make it run smoothly. Set out a routine and stick to it so the day will at least start off stress free. Ask your child to prepare their school bag and uniform the night before and set the alarm early enough so that everything can be completed without rushing. Try and encourage your child to eat breakfast as it will help them to have the energy to learn throughout the morning.

Educate outside School Hours

This may sound boring and like you are working the child too hard but there are ways of supporting education after the school bell has been rung. Believe it or not going to watch movies at the cinema is learning. Watching films and then discussing what you both liked and disliked, what you would have done differently is all excellent for supporting English. Working out discounts and adding up the items in a shopping basket is great for mental maths, you get the idea. Everyday life supports education so spend time together and look for opportunities to teach without your child even realising it.


Support the Teachers

You should teach your child to respect the teachers so keep your personal opinions of them to yourself. If you think there is a real problem that your child has come to you with you should speak to the school about it so it can be dealt with quickly. Never disrespect any of the teachers in the school and show your child that it is important to listen to what they are being told and that the teachers are an authority figure to look up to.

Help with Homework and Revision

Your child will probably tell you they don’t have homework when they do. Make it clear early on that homework needs to be completed in time and discourage your child from working on it the night before it is due. Show you are interested in what your child is learning and be open to discussing the various topics that have been covered in the day.

At exam times it is worth limiting social outings until some revision has been completed each day. Set a routine that will ensure all the topics are revised but that doesn’t put too many demands on your child. Use practice exam papers throughout the revision time to spot areas of weakness that can be worked on in time for the real examinations.


The author is a freelance writer and a parent. He understands the concerns parents have about their child’s education. His articles aim to provide impartial advice and tips to benefit parents and the children. You can find many of his articles published online on blogs and websites and in printed magazines.