Why Banarasi Sarees Still In Fashion Despite Being A Vintage Wear?

Why Banarasi Sarees Still In Fashion Despite Being A Vintage Wear?

Sarees are known to Indian women for a long time now. This vintage wear is one of the most important attires for Indian ladies. It is a fact that sarees are always the first preference for every Indian woman when it comes to wedding and thus, it can never lose its charm. Whether it be weddings or any festival, sarees are always the hot favorite for the ladies and when weared with best bra brands in India, women look astonishing. In fact, sarees are counted in the league of top-class sarees in India. It is mainly known for its silver and gold brocade zari, extravagant weaving and fine silk. Sarees are made of finely woven silk and have Complex structures which are known to add to the beauty of it. The attire is not only gorgeous and extravagant but it can also make you look elegant in it.

One of the main characteristics of sarees is Mina work, Pallu designs, compact weaving, and Mughal inspired designs. sarees are known to be in great demand during the wedding season as it is considered to be ideal to wear for the occasion. Sarees can be of different types based on its fabric that it is made with. The beauty of sarees is something that you simply cannot ignore. Despite being vintage wear, the popularity of these sarees is still strong. In fact, extension stiff competition against the other types of modern sarees in the market. If you are planning to buy some top class quality sarees then you can check out Stylecaret for the same.

The Beauty and Importance of Sarees

There is no denying that sarees have a charm of their own. This is in fact, one of the most beautiful, Indian sarees that are known to us. The gorgeous fabric along with the golden zari work all over the saree makes it look stunning. No wonder that women are still in love with this wear despite having so many other options available in the market. The beauty of sarees remains unmatched. It was the most popular wear back in the vintage era and is still one of the most preferred wears of modern times as well. If you want to check out a fabulous collection of sarees then you should visit the site called Stylecaret. Here you can find some of the groundbreaking designs and styles of sarees. Now let us look into the importance of the sarees which makes it one of the most popular wears even till today.

  1. First of all, there can be no other better wear than a saree when it comes to Indian weddings. Whether it be your marriage or you are going to attend someone else’s, wearing a saree is a must. It has always been the most preferred wear by the Indian women. The stunning look of a saree is what makes it the ideal wear for a big fat Indian wedding. It can make you look absolutely gorgeous. The best thing is that women of all age groups can wear sarees on the occasion of the wedding and even during festivals.
  2. Sarees are undoubtedly the most beautiful saree among all the other types of sarees that are available out there. There is no other category of saree that can match up to the extensive zari work of a saree. The names have been derived from the ghats of Banaras which is one of the main weaving centers in India. sarees are made with high-quality silk material which adds to the beauty of it. Later the craftsmen work on the fabric to form the beautiful zari designs. The main feature of a saree is the golden embroidered border which makes the saree look absolutely stunning. No wonder the saree is considered to be ideal wear for Indian weddings.
  3. The most common colored is the red which is considered to be an auspicious year. Most Indian brides are known to drape a red on their wedding. It can be said that wearing red sarees have become like a tradition in the Indian wedding. The red saree is very much bride-like and also compliments the heavy gold jewelry worn by the bride. A bride looks the most beautiful in a saree with all the jewelry worn by her. This is one of the main reasons that sarees are still in fashion. If you have your wedding date approaching soon, you can check out the perfect red for yourself only at Stylecaret.
  4. Making of silk sarees in Banaras is one of the ancient traditions. People learn the art of weaving from an early age and are usually passed through many generations. It is in fact, one of the most important traditions of Banaras. Even till this day, there are many weavers who are invested in crafting beautiful silk sarees. It is because of these weavers that the culture of wearing sarees is still going on strong. These weavers are known to make some of the most gorgeous silk sarees that you may have ever seen.
  5. Sarees though vintage wear, is still available in a variety of styles and designs. You can also get a variety of different colors as well. However, the red remains on the top. If you are looking for a good collection of sarees then you can check out Stylecaret. This is the best place to look for sarees.

To conclude, it can be said that sarees have a beauty and charm of their own. There is no other type of saree that can be it’s equal. It was popular wear back in the vintage era and it continues to remain the same even in modern times as well.