Tips to Choose the Right bra for Sport

tips to choose the right bra for sport


Choosing the right sport bras is important to have a comfortable fit for an active lifestyle.  When you’re running, or working out at the treadmill, the normal bra just doesn’t do it.  The best sports bras contain great measurement, support and care.  They work with you as you work out.  A poor fit can cause discomfort and pain.  The less movement, the better it is when it comes to sports bras for women.  Women sports bras are all about finding a suitable fit to the activity.Here are some tips to get you on the right track when choosing sport bras.


Tips to Choose the Right bra for Sport

Care about Measurement Matters

All it takes is a small tape measure. Stand in front of a mirror and wrap the measuring tape snuggly just below the breasts (where the bra band would normally be).  Then add 5 inches.  This will find your band measurements.  Then next, you want to find your cup size.  Now wrap the tape loosely around the full area of your bust.  Then subtract the band measurement from this.  Usually sports bras will have a conversion number that corresponds with a letter (example A cup for the number 1 and so forth).  This is your cup size letter that is usually at the end of a number for example, 34C.  The best sports bras start with a good measurement.

Find the Right Bras that Support You Most

Women sports bras should be suited to the intensity of their workout.  If you’re a runner, the bra material you want to go for should be able to limit movement, as you will be bouncing up and down.  The more intense the workout, the more of a sturdier fit needed.  You want built in motion control and outstanding sports performance.

For women with smaller breasts, you may find the compression type bras work well with your size.  What they do is use Lycra to push against the chest wall to hold your breasts in place.  With larger breasts, you may find that encapsulation bras are perfect for lifting and separating your chest area for more support.  A combination of compression and encapsulation works well with bigger breasts.


If you want to prevent back injury and sagging, you want to find those sport bras that support you in your athletic activity.  Sport bras for women should feel comfortable as you ward off sweat in a workout.  Look for material that wicks away sweat.  There are a variety of lightweight materials out there that allows your skin to breathe by drawing sweat away from the body.  The material should embrace you as opposed to irritating your skin.  The best sports bras are those that function like a mold to a woman’s body.  You can be at the beach playing volleyball or running by the sea wall and they will work to accommodate the movement.   When you are shopping for women sports bras remember the fit and material.  Enjoy your workouts now that you’re supported.


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