5 Things That Matter Most When Choosing a Drill Machine

A drill is a very important power tool to have in your toolbox. I didn’t know the importance of this tool until I had to drill some holes into timber for my DIY windows and my concrete wall. I had to beg my neighbor for his drill, which he gave with a lot of hesitation. I used the drill machine, but it also led me to start looking for the right drill machine for my needs and one that I could call my own.

Thankfully, I did receive a lot of expertise advice from the knowledgeable and experienced crew of Cutloose Demolition. I had called this highly trained and professional company to perform some residential demolition and then dispose the waste in an environmentally friendly manner. These are the tips I received from the company to choose the right drill machine.


Choosing a Drill Machine


I was told it was not enough to check the comfort of the drill machine in the store. I had to visualize how the machine would feel in my hands hours after constant use. I think this tip made sense considering a drill machine is a handheld tool that I would be using a lot when the need arises. So, ensuring it felt comfortable even hours later was an important selection criterion. I looked carefully at the handle styles and opted for the T-handle, as it causes less wrist fatigue due to the placement of the handle. I even invested in a right-angled handle version, as there were some places in my house with space constraints and this handle made the drill machine ideal for such places. I did not go in for the pistol handle, as I was not very comfortable using it.

Ease of Use

It is amazing how modern-day drill machines have advanced and developed. Just a switch of a button or trigger can make the drill machine move forward or backward. I wanted a machine where it would be easy to use the switch to start and reverse the tool and also give me the freedom to adjust the speed of the drill machine.

Application of the Drill Machine

I know I sound like a complete imbecile when I say I didn’t know I needed different drilling speeds for masonry, metal, softwood and hardwood. When working on hard materials, I would have to run the drill on lower speeds and the reverse is true for softer materials. Hence, I would have to know where and for what I wanted to use the drill in order to buy the right one. But it goes without saying that the drill would have to have variable speed that I could control to use it on different materials and surfaces.

Multiple Chucks

Chuck refers to the attachment that goes into the drill machine and what I would be using for drilling holes. I was given to understand that under normal circumstances a 3/8-inch sized chuck would be more than sufficient for me to go about drilling in my house and give me the shaft diameter I was looking for.

I also found out it was best to opt for keyless chucks that could be tightened and loosened manually rather than keyed chucks that required a key for tightening and loosening. It actually was quicker to tighten and loosen the chucks without a key, and this proved to be the case when I had to keep switching between drilling and screwdriver function of the machine.

Cordless or With Cord

I opted for a cordless drill machine with nickel cadmium battery, as I would be able to charge the battery with the charger I already had. The drill machine did not take a long time to reach full charge, but I also invested in a second battery to ensure I had non-stop access to power for work.

While a corded drill machine is ideal, as it operates on electricity, I felt it is more suitable for tough drilling work, like masonry drilling. Also, I needed a suitable extension cord to reach all the places that did not have a plug point or source of power supply. This did not appeal to me.

I think based on my few tips you can easily choose the perfect drill machine for yourself. If you still have doubts, it is best to consult Cutloose Demolition and seek their advice.



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