7 Anti-Aging Skin Care Myths and Truths

Every woman wants their skin to age gracefully: the problem is it can be hard to know how to do it. There are tons of “facts” about what causes your skin to age and how to fight it. Unfortunately, a lot of the information out there is inaccurate, or worse, purposely put out there to get you to buy certain “miracle” products. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 7 anti-aging myths and truths. Will help you separate fact from fiction so you’ll know how to keep your skin glowing and vibrant.

Anti-Aging Skin Care

Myth #1: All anti-aging skin care products are created equal.
Truth: It is impossible for any one product to work for everyone because we all have different skin types and issues. Two people may both have sagging skin, but is one has a fair complexion and one has an oily one they will need two different products. What works well for you will be less effective on someone else, even if your both combating the same condition. You should consult a dermatologist and have them tell you what will work best with your skin. They will set up a skin care routine that will improve your skins condition and have you looking your best.

Myth#2: Soap and water is the best way to keep your skin clean and fresh.
Truth: It turns out cleaning your face with soap can actually do more harm than good, especially if you do it several times a day. The skin on your face and neck is extremely sensitive and soaps, even all natural ones, are to harsh for it to handle. Soap dries out the oils in your face, leaving it looking ashy and causing it to lose it’s elasticity. It can also make your skin dry and appear old.

Myth#3: The more a product costs, the better it is.
Truth: Expensive does not equal effective. Some of the best products out there are the ones that cost the least. When it comes to beauty products price doesn’t matter, ingredients do. Check the labels and see what they are made of. Chances are the less pricier bottle has the same ingredients and works just as well. All that matter sis that it is a good match for your skin.

Myth #4: The Sun is only harmful during the summer.
Truth: This is one of the oldest anti-aging myths. The fact is the sun can do irreversible damage to your skin any time of year. It can even damage it on cloudy days. The suns UV rays, in addition to causing cancer, can cause sunspots, discoloration and zap your skins elasticity with prolonged exposure. Skin becomes wrinkly and has a leathery texture that looks and feels old. If your going to be outside sunscreen is a must!

Myth #5: If it hurts then it’s working
Truth: Women have been led to believe that if an anti-aging product tingles or burns a little then it is working. The fact is you don’t have to feel discomfort when applying any type of soap or cream. There are plenty of products that contain effective yet gentle ingredients that wont irritate your skin and leave it feeling raw. Irritation, peeling and dryness cause by products can counteract any of the beneficial properties of whatever your using. Products with glycolic acid will help minimize discomfort and still get your results.

Myth #6: Everyday skincare doesn’t matter if you get regular treatments.
Truth: The exact opposite is actually true: facials and other skin procedure have little or no benefit if you don’t take proper care of your skin every day. It you use harsh chemicals, clog your pores or anything else that damages your skin day in and day out there is no amount of treatments that will reverse all the harm you caused. It is vital that you follow a routine to protect your skin and follow health habits if you want it to stay dewy and radiant. Treatments, like facials, should be done sparingly and can strip skin of essential oils. They are a tool, not a solution.

Myth #7: Make-up can hide the signs of aging and isn’t harmful
Truth: Make up actually highlights your wrinkles and lines, making them more noticeable. Foundations and blushes will sink into those depressions and accentuate every little imperfection. Even worse, make up will clog your pores and contributes to its premature aging. All those chemicals pile up on your face and dont allow it to breathe, making it brittle and dull over time.

Now that you armed with these facts you have the weapon you need to fight the signs of aging and keep your skin as young and fresh as you feel.

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