8 Popular Home Plumbing Myth that is Draining your Money


The home is the perfect balance between construction and maintenance. And, plumbing is one of the most important factors on which every homeowner depends. Be it a leaky faucet or running toilet, anything can disturb you if you are not ready to address the plumbing issue. On the other hand, most homeowners rely on cheap DIY hacks to maintain the plumbing system and its counterparts.

However, these hacks or plumbing myths can seem beneficial at first sight. At least, you probably won’t notice the extent of damage or loss for the initial stages. In case you keep repeating these plumbing myths, then they might invite bigger troubles to your home. Consequently, the damages might force you to spend more money in order to amend them. So, take a note down of the following plumbing misconceptions and check out how you can avoid them.

1.  Lemons are Good for Garbage Disposal

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We all know that lemons are pretty well-known for their instant aroma and freshness. They can eliminate or reduce the nasty odour. Additionally, lemons are a decent option for combating bacteria. However, putting lemon at the disposal won’t do any benefit for your disposal.

According to an expert plumber Dubai, lemons and limes are basically citric acids. And, a higher amount of citric acid now and then can cause corrosion to the metal parts of the disposal.

Are you looking for a better alternative? A few ice cubes can come to your rescue. The plumber in Dubai suggested cleaning the disposal with ice cubes. Keeping the disposal clean would keep the stink at bay.

2.  Flushable Bleach Tablets are Toilet-Friendly

Well, there are controversies regarding the use of bleach tablets for the toilet. Yes, they are quite handy and useful for keeping the toilet clean and fresh after every use. However, bleach can be excessively harmful to the material of the toilet. No doubt, bleach can harm the entire toilet and pipes with the regular use of flushable bleach tablets.

Keeping the bleach in the toilet for a long time can prove to be dangerous. Whenever you use bleach in the toilet, ensure that you flush out the toilet bowl in less than ten minutes. Otherwise, it won’t take much time for you to call in a plumber to replace the plumbing network.

3.  A Plunger is Perfect to Unclog the Sink

We are pretty sure that you might have encountered a toilet clog and have resolved the issue instantly with a plunger. However, a plunger might not work in the same way for a sink. Especially when you have a double-sink, the trick might backfire on you. Keeping another sink uncovered while plunging into the troublesome one might force the water to come up from that sink.

On the other hand, if you had poured any drain cleaner beforehand, it can conclude with many serious results. The drain cleaner might splash back upward, and it can cause severe injuries or even blindness. Therefore, don’t pour drain cleaners into the clogged sink when you are going to use a plunger.

4.  Flushable Products are Useful

Yes, we are talking about wet wipes, baby wipes, feminine hygiene essentials, and much more; these products usually claim to be flushable. However, we barely check the dissolution extent to verify the claim. If you don’t check the extent of dissolution for these products then you might be encountering a mistake.

As an outcome, you would easily end up with a clogged toilet. Believe it or not, most of the toilet clogs take place due to these so-called flushable products. Therefore, it would be better if you don’t throw such flushable products in the toilet. Rather, prefer the dustbin to dispose of them.

5.  Boiling Water can Carry Away the Grease

When you are washing dishes or pans, the grease will go down the sink. However, a little amount of grease along with the sink and pipes is OK. But, there is a rumour regarding eliminating grease from the sink, i.e. it requires boiling water. And, boiling water is supposed to melt down the grease.

However, boiling water won’t help you in this circumstance. In addition to this, when the boiling water cools, the grease might thicken up. It can cause the pipe to outburst in the near future. Don’t take chances with the plumbing system of the sink with boiling water when it comes to deposited grease.

6.  Cheap Products with Lifetime Warranties are the Best Deal

Plumbing manufacturers might trap you with attractive warranties on bad plumbing products. When you invest in bad plumbing products, they might entice you to take advantage of the warranty policy. And, you think the deal lucrative as they promise you to replace the damaged fixtures with the new ones.

Yes, it sounds amazing, but you are basically inviting junk in return for junk. Additionally, you might have to pay extra for the installation of those plumbing junk. Thus, avoid buying such bad products with lifetime warranties and purchase only authentic plumbing fixtures.

7.  Soapy Solution can Shine the Bathroom Fixtures

Hand washes are mandatory to keep your hand clean. When you turn off the faucet, you might leave a small amount of soap on the faucet, and you find it no big issue. But, the right information is that it can turn into a serious issue if you overlook the soap on the faucet.

Soapy solutions can easily make the bathroom fixtures form bubbles and peel. In addition to this, the fixtures might corrode. Therefore, it would be better if you wipe the fixtures with a paper towel after every use.

8.  No Trouble is there if Drain is Engulfing Everything

This is the most overrated concept among homeowners. They think that if the drain is allowing everything to go down, and it causes no interruption, then everything is perfect. However, it takes quite some time for the pipes and drains to get congested with debris and reflect the actual problem.

So, use a dustbin for throwing about the clutters and food particles. Allow the food to be sliced before you pass them down to the garbage disposal. Use a strainer to keep hair strands and cat litter away from the drains and pipes.

Finally, All Professional Plumbers are Equally Reliable

If you think that every plumber is capable of handling and repairing plumbing issues, you are misguided. Trust a plumber that is duly certified, licensed, and experienced enough. Otherwise, you might have to call in another plumber later to fix the menace. And, undoubtedly, it would cost you more money. Thus, keep these tricks in mind and keep saving.




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