Best Cities In Bahrain For Foodies

A small island nation on the western shores of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain and it is major cities offer a delectable variety of cuisines for for foodies and tourists who want to try out new dishes on their holidays. Though not a major country the many cities offer varied choices in their menus from sushi’s to burgers, local shawarmas to Indian curries. Naming out all the cities would be a difficult but here are a few with their famous food joints.

Bahrain For Foodies


The main commercial district and also the haunt of the best cuisine there is to serve-Masso is for the health lovers, with it is organic European cuisine, this really chic restaurant also has an ambience to vouch for.

-Breads, homemade dips and delish cocktails make up the rest of your starter while you peruse the menu for a steak or Italian raviolis. Reservations are preferred here.

-Upstairs Downstairs is another beautifully decorated restaurant in the heart of Manama.

-With an eclectic menu of pastas, curries and French food the place also offers music with local bands playing up the night to entice the customers into having a more enjoyable experience.

-For casual dining at a bistro head over to Jim’s

-Known for it is alfresco style and grilled food this place is apt for an informal atmosphere

-Crayfish and deep fried Brie’s with carved veggie salads make it extra special

-The Japanese Food lover can head over to Mirai’s which serves up raw food cooked Japanese style, sushi’s, sashimi’s and veal medallions.

-A dollop of French influence makes the menu even more unique and exciting and a food outing to remember.

-Many Cafes are also spread out like Café’ Lilou, Camelot and Café Italia that serve up fresh baked goodies, hot lattes and sandwiches’ to drool over.


District, this city does not lag behind either, from it is restos the best are lined up here

-Restaurants around the Move pick hotel like Silk, Flamingo bar and lounge are truly international in their serving with cuisines a mix of Thai, Italian and local flavors, do try them out as they are served by Michelin starred chef and invest a lot to make their customer’s feel special

-For fusion food head over to the Vic’s at Ritz Carlton

-If Arabic food is what you are looking for Saffron is the place to be, the Lebanese menu served here will rev up your taste buds for an enriching and flavorful experience

-Sea food lovers, La Perle Fish Market at Novotel would amaze you with it is exotic serving of crabs, shrimps, shark soups and octopus salads, it’s the one to look out for.


The largest city here Manama is for the eccentrics, the quirky and the Avant garden types

-Bushido Restaurant, surrounded by small moat and samurai statues this Japanese restaurant has an incredible al fresco dining area, sushi bar ,indoor dining and an authentic teppanyaki room

-Ethnic music greets you Narnia style with the staff indulging your every taste whim

-Curry Country, has curry based dishes from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Iran to china.

-A brightly colored décor greets you, uplift your mood, here on one can enjoy lamb khoresh,khorma’s and cashew chicken curry

-For those looking for a new experience of eating with roti’s, buns, naans or bread enjoy your curries here.

-Zoe offers a contemporary menu where drinks and mezes can be enjoyed on white marble tops in the lounge area

-The Moroccan salad and creamy soups are to die for.

-A more formal setting makes it apt for wedding dinners and romantic meal for two

-A favorite eatery in Bahrain Veranda restaurant has warm Arabic bread, fresh salads, chicken and grilled beefs.

-Shisha is also available with fruity flavors to while away your time with a group of friends.

-Weekend barbecue’s is what stands out here where a variety of grilled meats are present for one’s tasting.

The best part in Bahrain is the great enjoyment one receives from eating up local food joint present in the nooks and crannies of the city. These are popular with the locals and easy on the wallet. International food joint like Hardee’s, Burger king, Pizza hut are also present for someone missing their homely feel.

Travelling to Bahrain is really easy, on arrival Bahrain visa is also available for some countries.For other’s an application for visit Bahrain visa is available at all Bahrain consulates in the world.

Enjoy your vacation and do venture out for food adventures, they are a real memory delight for families.


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