Best Rehabilitation Facilities for Celebrities and Executives

Rehabilitation is a moment needed for recovery from alcoholic addiction, drug addiction and other different forms of obsessions or addictions. Some busy executives or public figures need confidentiality to recover from different addiction issues. Such confidentiality is not easily obtained in usual resorts and homes. This is why Clarity Way has done a great job in providing a confidential detox facility for alcoholic addiction rehabilitation or any other form of rehabilitation. The rehab center provides top-notch confidential services that will help you to recover in total from your addictions, negative habits or obsessions.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Rehabilitation Facilities

Clarity Way provides you privacy and confidentiality services designed to help you enjoy these features at the utmost. At Clarity Way, personal limousine pickup at the airport is provided for clients who are most concerned about privacy. The transport service will take you directly to the alcohol detox center.

In addition, you can visit as well and leave the rehabilitation center by air at your comfort and security. Clarity Way is a very big rehabilitation center, which features 15 acres of land, and it is located close to the New York airport. This makes it very easy to come and leave at your privacy.

Individualized Treatment

To further ensure confidentiality and privacy, you are assured individualized treatment in the confidential detox facility. There are private and semi-private rooms in the detox facility. Clients can expect to be attended by a maximum of six professionals. Everything is done within the rehab center to ensure that the best confidentiality service is offered to you and that you make the most of your time in the center.

Top Class Features for High Profile and Executive Clients

High profile and executive clients can make the most of the features provided at Clarity Way to maintain a steady communication with their companies and staff while still in the rehabilitation center. Features such as Wi-Fi, computers and fax machines are installed in the various rooms in order to enable you to easily communicate at Clarity Way during your free time without restriction.

In addition, executives can visit Clarity Way with their PCs and mobile devices to easily communicate during free time. Furthermore, provision is also made for clients who wish to conduct meetings via video conference or phone while in the rehabilitation center. As a matter of fact, while in the rehabilitation facility, your business will not suffer and at the end of the day, you will make the most of your stay.

We see a lot of cases where people who are in need of Detox and Rehabilitation often tend to put away these as it involves a stigma of actually requiring such a Rehabilitation. This is the reason why we believe that you do not have to stay away from your normal routine to get Rehabilitation. This serves as a dual purpose you are in touch with your work and you also have the privacy offered at Clarity Way. Your stay would be almost like a break that you need while getting your Detox.

Clarity Way has programs to include your family as well while incorporating one to one approach. The programs would be specially designed for your needs keeping a holistic approach in mind and multi-sensory stimulation. The process to recovery is lifelong and that’s why the approach is not a one-time but a continuous one. The facility even has a toll free number for you to contact in case of need.

The most important part is that what you need is caring environment and place that does not judge the troubles that you have, but looks at what is the core reason and how to tackle that with love and care. This is why there are family initiatives as well which are required as when a person leaves the facility they would require the same understanding from their families to stay on the path of recovery that would change between just Rehabilitation to a life-long recovery path.

It’s a good feeling when we talk about Detox however the path doesn’t come without its hurdles; you will have different symptoms of discomfort while going throgh the process however the staff will give you the best care to help overcome this.


Other wonderful features

Clarity Way is indeed the right rehab center to choose owing to the interesting features it presents. Music lovers can make use of the private music practice and recording studio provided here. The music facility involves top notch musical equipment which will provide immense relaxation to clients. Celebrities and wealthy individuals of all kinds can recover from every form of addiction with these features. Different amenities and treatment programs are provided here and they are all targeted at matching the exact needs of the executive clients and ensure effective rehabilitation, all the while having the comfort of confidentiality.

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