Best Skin Care Products For Men

Best Skin Care Products For Men

Best Skin Care Products For Men


While there are a considerable amount of skin care products available for women, there are also a lot of options available for men! These can result in any man having better looking skin that feels a lot nicer to touch. Even if you aren’t used to using skin care products, these can easily become part of your daily regimen. Here are some reviews for the top skin care products for men:

L’Oreal Men’s Expert Power Clean Anti-Dullness Face Wash


This face wash is made to work for men with all skin types. It can be used before shaving, but it can also be used as a regular face wash. It leaves skin clean, but doesn’t leave it dry and feeling tight. The formula doesn’t contain soap and is pH neutral so it is very gentle. This can be found at most drug stores and is relatively inexpensive.


Anthony Sport for Men Hand Cream


This product is made with a formula that helps soothe extra dry skin. The ingredients include things like aloe vera and vitamins, which are essential for the skin and will penetrate deep down. This is a great lotion for men because it needs to only be applied once per day in order to keep the hands smooth and soft. The best part is that it’s very affordable and comes in a container that is easy to travel with.


Revitol Stretch Mark Cream


Men can get stretch marks just like women do, whether they are caused from weight gain or working out. The formula used in this product contains vitamins as well as extracts that help soothe the skin and regenerate new skin cells to grow over the stretch marks. This is easy to use, only takes five minutes to dry and is great for all skin types. This is more expensive than other brands, but it’s worth the price. When used on a daily basis it can dramatically decrease the appearance of stretch marks.


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Nivea Lip Care Nivea for Men Replenishing Lip Balm

Best Skin Care Products For Men

This lip balm is great for men because it doesn’t leave behind color and it is not glossy. It provides hydration and moisturizes the lips with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e. It also has no fragrance, so it’s not bothersome for most people. In addition to all of this, it also contains SPF, which helps protect against sun damage from UV rays. The price is only a few dollars per tube, so it’s pretty affordable for lip care. This is something that men can carry in their pocket no matter where they are going. It’s even great for wind protection so the lips don’t become dry and chapped.


Vitaman Face Scrub


This face scrub is specifically meant for the face of a man, which means it’s not pink and doesn’t smell like a girl! It gently exfoliates without harming the skin and it is also anti-bacterial. It just needs to be gently rubbed on the skin with warm water in order to get rid of dead skin from the face, neck and upper body area. It can be used two to three times per week and is especially effective when used before shaving. This face wash is also designed to get rid of the toxins in the skin so that you look younger with each use!


Nivea for Men Energy Face Scrub


For only a few dollars you can pick up this face scrub from your local drug or grocery store. This product gently scrubs the skin to keep it clean and smooth. It’s great to use before shaving because it prepares the hair follicles and gets rid of dirt build-up. This product has even been dermatologist tested, which is something you won’t find with many other drugstore products. This cleans the skin better than regular soap and water will because it is able to scrub in the pores without any damage. Many men even report that their skin tone is improved when they use this on a regular basis.


Balla Powder for Men


This powder is a favorite among men because it’s effective and comes in a discreet container. The original does not have fragrance, but there are some that do. This is a special talcum powder that is designed to keep the “boys” dry for men. It also helps prevent the appearance of embarrassing sweat stains that can ruin pants. This powder even helps with smell so you don’t have to worry about other people staying away from you. It’s around $15 or less and is very easy to use. This powder is a staple for most men to use whether they are going to work or going out for the night.

Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Lotion for Men


This is a very popular face lotion for men that contains SPF 20 and is safe to use on all skin types. The formula used to create it is non-greasy and it can even help soothe razor irritation, which is common with many men. It can also help fight signs of aging by promotion healthy skin growth where wrinkles start to develop. This is a lotion that will reduce dry skin in order to make the face look younger and more vibrant. If you’re looking for a lotion that isn’t filled with perfume and that won’t take forever to dry, this is it.


Any of these products can make a huge difference with the way your skin looks. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start using them. Within a short amount of time you will see a big difference in your skin that makes you look more youthful. You may even find that it’s a lot easier to shave your face when you use these skin care products. This is due to their formulas being made with vitamins and other nutrients that soothe your skin both before and after shaving.


It only takes a few minutes to use a skin care product each day. Those few minutes can mean slowing down the aging process and being more confident. The best part of the products listed above is that they are affordable, popular and very easy to find!


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