Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas For Different Seasons

Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas For Different Seasons


Weather and season of your area play a pivotal role in deciding what sort of birthday party you are going to through for your little one. Every season has its own delights as well as limitations and therefore, you should plan the big day for any of your kid accordingly in order maximize the pleasures of the party.

Birthday Party Ideas in Different Seasons:

 Birthday Party Ideas

Following lines explain how you can celebrate birthdays of your kids in different seasons.

  • Winter:

Although winters in most parts of United States and Europe are extremely harsh yet they accompany man enjoyable activities for kids and adults alike. The greatest attraction of the winter is the snow beyond any doubt. Therefore, it is a great idea to build your child’s birthday party around it. For instance, you can ask children to participate in snowman building, ice skating and sledding contests.

On the other hand you can throw a cookie baking party inside the kitchen if you want to stay cozy and warm. You can also take an indoor hotel swimming pool or rent a roller rink for your kids as well. Similarly, you can dress you child in typical igloo fashion and capture the happy moment in photographs and digital photo printing.

  • Spring:

Spring is indeed the best season of the year and there are a lot of kids’ birthday ideas to enjoy in this splendid season. The best idea is to go outside with your kid on his or birthday and explore some really beautiful natural sites and other places such as zoos. Similarly, spring is the prom season and you can pitch the party themes to 60’s, 70s and 80’s because slightly younger kids like to dance. You can also arrange parties that can be shifted inside immediately such as Scavenger Hunts if you fear that sudden shower will dampen on things.

  • Summer:

There are a lot of fun activities you can arrange for your kid’s birthday. Summers are usually hot and therefore, it is not wise to go outside. On the other hand, it is a nice idea to rent clowns, magicians. Jumpers, ponies etc. and create a mini summer carnival in your backyard. Similarly you can create a Bug on Reptile party for kids that like creepy stuff. In addition, it will be better if you arrange a late night astronomy lesson and rent a backyard camp out with telescopes for scientific sort of kids. Similarly, the party will become even more exciting if you also bring in an expert on all these topics.

  • Fall:

Fall is a harvesting season in most parts of the world and you can arrange a harvest festival on your child’s birthday as well by having them bob of decorating gourds and apples. Similarly, another popular birthday party trend for this part of the year is the dress up parties that are not based on Halloween. For instance, you can throw a masquerade party that is similar to that of New Orleans in nature and ask the guest children to wear the masks they have made. Similarly, you can turn your children to cowboys and pirates as well and preserve those most cherished moments in cheap photo prints.


Above mentioned are some of the tips that will help you to celebrate your kid’s birthday in most entertaining fashion during different seasons of the year. Including the themes of prevalent weather will not only make the part more exciting but it will also induce a love for the environment among the children.

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