Are you and your spouse happy with what big or small family you have?

Are you planning to get a vasectomy in San Diego but have second thoughts about it?

Keeping this into consideration, we bring to you some essential things that you need to know before getting vasectomy:

The decision should come from both the spouses:

Maybe you no longer want kids and eliminate the possibility of having more, if accidental by getting a vasectomy, but your partner still want to keep their chances open? Or may it’s vice versa. If you both are unsure about having kids or are looking for a more birth control solution, then vasectomy is not for you.

It is not anything like tubectomy:

You must have read how tubectomy is performed on women for sterilization, and that might have scared you to the core. But vasectomy is different from tubectomy. While tubectomy is a procedure that takes a longer recovery time, vasectomy is a procedure that takes hours or less, is done as an outpatient procedure under local or conscious anesthesia and has a recovery period of 2-3 days.

The side effects are mild:

As long as the procedure is done right, there is going to be some pain and swelling, that’s it. Doctors will prescribe some over the counter painkillers, and you should be fine in 2-3 days. But it is crucial to get the procedure done from a vasectomy specialist doctor in San Diego, who will minimize the possibility of any side effects.

Vasectomies don’t increase the chances of prostate cancer:

Many men, who are ready for vasectomies are scared of getting it because of this misconceptions. A recent study has found out that there is no association between vasectomy and cancer.  

You will have to be cautious:

It is important to note that while with the procedure the doctor has stopped the ability of your sperm to enter the vas deferens, the sperms in your tube aren’t thoroughly washed out. The sperm count in the ejaculate takes time to get empty. This is why it is important that until the live sperms are cleaned, you use birth control. You should only stop using birth controls, once your doctor says the pipe is clean.  

You can get vasectomy reversal:

Earlier men believed that once the vasectomy is done, there is no going back. Then what if you or your partner change your mind to have more kids? Vasectomy reversal in San Diego is a process that is being practiced for long successfully. Why it is not preferred is because it is time taking and much more complicated than a vasectomy.

It will not decrease your sex drive:

No, vasectomy does not lead to hair loss, lower sex drive, low testosterone level, weight gain or loss. Sperm count from the ejaculate gradually decreases but the ejaculate comes mainly from prostate and seminal vesicles and minutely from testicles. Thereby it is concrete that a vasectomy will not reduce your sex drive.

Before you go ahead with the procedure it is vital that you ask your doctor the following questions:

  • Whether or not the process is invasive?
  • What is the success rate of the procedure?
  • What do I need to do before going through the procedure/
  • What aftercare tips should I follow?
  • When should I follow up for assurance that the live sperms are gone?

Now that the air is clear if you are planning a vasectomy make sure to get it done only a vasectomy specialist, to get guaranteed results.