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Our living space highlights our personality to a great extent; so why not decorate it according to our tastes; decorating your house in the vintage way can be an exciting idea. Read on to know more.

The living space that we occupy has a significant influence on our being and of course our existence; so, why not make an extra effort to make things work out and make your living room look the very best; that not only offers a great breathing space but also impresses guests to a great extent. So, put that extra step forward and end up decorating your house with the most beautiful décor ever possible. If you have a strong sense of aesthetics, opting for the vintage décor can be a good choice.
Decorating a house with vintage style might resemble a touch of old Europe or even Indian ethnicity. It often highlights the very essence of history. If you use the appropriate accessories, then your house can look the best in a vintage decorated stuff; the decorating style is also about taking you back in time and gives you a feel of reliving the past. You can also use vintage style to decorate service apartments. Guests visiting service apartments will love this décor which is very different and look absolutely classy.

decorating vintage way

A Detailed Look at vintage style decorating-How to Decorate Vintage

Well, it might seem a little monotonous, but vintage style is largely about artistic doings with strong feminine hues. It’s very easy to derive inspiration from attics and things of the past; for sourcing out vintage stuff you can always visit antique stores, consignment or salvage shops. Another good option is to check out auction shops where one can end up buying some great antique piece to decorate your house. Some of the decors that you can use to design your house in terms of vintage style are explained below:
Vintage purses and wall arts; calico prints, wooden furniture of the past that has Italian marbles as their décor items can work wonders for a vintage style house design. You can choose from a host of other vintage décor items such as handkerchiefs, or table covers with beautiful floral motifs; embellished lampshades; old stack book shelves, mannequins, large candlesticks and much more. Colored glassware is a must for vintage home decors. They add on to the beauty of the home.
Given below are a few tips to go about decorating your house in the vintage style:

Pick Up Collectibles

Antique collectibles are an excellent way of decorating your house the proper vintage way. These can turn out to be a cheap way of decoration; but in case you do not have them already in your collection, flea markets can turn out to be a good place to find them. Among collectibles, what you can include are vintage coins; you can frame them together and make a good collectible piece that can be used as a wall hanging.

Statues and Mannequins

You think they will occupy space and add on to the clutter? Well don’t think much. Just try and keep in mind that statues and mannequins help in heightening the theme of vintage to a great extent; just be careful as to what you choose and how you place it. Now choose, statues depending upon your taste and how you want to decorate your house—if you have chosen a very western/European theme, then you might have to choose objects accordingly; will you choose Grecian urn or will you opt for a typical Indian earthen object—is solely up to your imagination.

Display Collectibles and Antiques at Unlikely Places

Well, does this make you sound a little weird stuff? Don’t be surprised; if you actually end up displaying them at unlikely places, they stand a high chance of getting noticed. Try and fit in an antique painted ceramic bowl in a vintage bookshelf; do place it between two books—this will make the décor stand out for some more time and of course increase visual interest.

Coordinate Colours Properly

Colour coordination is very important for any kind of home decoration. As mentioned earlier, vintage decoration reflects feminine hues to a great extent. So be very careful about choosing the colours of your living room, bedroom and of course the rest of the house. Opt for white, shades of lilac and lavender; choose a combination of blues and greens to compliment them accordingly.

Utilize Wall Space to the Maximum

This reflects intelligent usage of the maximum availability of open space; you can place weathered planks on the walls and these acts as display ledges; now place your delicate figurines and artwork on these planks. Such a décor is bound to enhance the beauty of the vintage décor at your house.

Mix Old with New Items

Mix n match can actually be a good idea; try and mix old with new objects. Try and mix vintage items with a host of new items. For example you have opted for an extremely vintage looking dressing table. You can decorate with placing matching items like highly modern perfume bottles. Or if you want to be a little more adventurous try doing something like this—pick up your old golden coloured chandelier and paint it cobalt blue; hand it against a lilac coloured wall.

Display as much History as Possible

If you want to truly turn your house into a complete vintage playground, display as much pieces from history as possible. A collection of family mementoes can be a very good decorative piece for this.
The above-mentioned objects convey a very compact idea about home—decorating in the vintage way. However, it is not limited to the ones explained above. You can obviously add on more to this and create your dream vintage ambience.

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