How to Fix a Leaking tap Pipe or repairs pipes from the toilet

When it comes to the water pipes in a house, a small leakage can lead to big damages and even increase the water bills greatly. If its a small leak, you may be able to fix it yourself through the ways given below.
How to fix a leaking tap
By wrapping the leak with electrical or duct tape, you may be able to repair pipes . The tape should be wrapped diagonally till the entire leak or crack gets covered.
Use epoxy
Epoxy works best when the leak is at a fitting or a pipe joint. Before you apply the epoxy, the water should be drained from the pipe and the pipe should be dried. You can use steel wool to clean the pipe.
Pipe clamp
A proper-sized pipe clamp can also repair a leak. The pipe should be cleaned well and then the crack should be wrapped with a pad (made of rubber). The clamp is then securely screwed over the pad. Bigger leaks can also be stopped by this method.
Hose clamps
Hose clamps are similar to pipe clamps; the main difference is that hose clamps are used on minor leaks. Clean the pipe and wrap it with a rubber pad. Then use hose clamps to hold the pad in place.
Use tin cans
A tin cans ends should be cut off. Then cut it from one end to the other. The ends should be bent to make them flat.
How to fix a leaking overflow pipe from the toilet by a pinholeThe tin can is now ready to be used as a pipe clamp. A rubber pad should be placed over the leak. Now use the tin can to clamp it. Hold the clamp in place with a wooden block or apply c-clamps.
If none of these techniques are working, your only option will be to replace the pipe that has developed leaks and cracks.
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