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Dress boots for men

Your dress is incomplete or imperfect, if you have not chosen the right shoe. Your endless style goes in vain, if the shoe does not complement your outfit. May be this is one of the reasons for women to have an obsession over footwear. However, choosing the right shoe is important because the gorgeous pair of high heels should not hurt your feet. Moreover, each shoe defines an individual; it can give you bold, corporate, slim and even tall look as well. Therefore, you need to pick well-fitted ones and get rid of those shoes that cause discomfort. Here are some of the ideas that you can follow while you are purchasing shoes, next time.


dress boots for men

Never compromise with size! Even if you have come across a rare collection, which is not fitting properly, do not buy it. Get your feet measured every time you buy shoes. There must be proper space to stretch between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. Fashion is important but comfortable fit is a necessity because you have to walk, after all. If the shoe you are wearing denies you from the pleasure of walking, the footwear becomes useless. So, why get blisters on your feet, when you can get shoes of right size!


If you love to wear heels then here is a word of caution, do not go for the excessively higher ones. It is better to avoid heels with ankle straps or T-straps. It makes your leg look short. Moreover, if you have short legs, do not go for ultra high heels as it makes your legs look slender. Three- or four-inch heels creates immense pressure on your foot. So, it is better to look for heels that can provide you comfort and satisfaction. If you have large feet, oval-shaped or square-toed heels is a big ‘No’. Do not limp wearing a heel, rather give a classy look and walk on with style.


The right size and heels are definitely part of comfort; but there is yet another important aspect which is proper cushioning. The ball of your foot should be at ease, no matter what kind of shoe you wear. Cushioning becomes more important, especially if you are wearing heels because the entire weight rest on the heel area. There are many shoes, which lacks cushion, it is better to avoid those footwear that cannot give support.

No matter what kind of shoe you put on, there are some basic factors that every footwear should have. Moreover, footwear also has the ability to enhance your appeal, provided you have chosen the right pair. You should also be particular about the shape of your feet. In case, you have wide feet, look for shoe that can be stretched. Hire a shoe maker to widen the toe box as that would help you to walk comfortably. Try out new cool colors and fashionable shoes but never put excessive pressure because your foot is precious, so take care it!

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