Austria Offers Some of the Best Educational Trips Out There

Austria Offers Some of the Best Educational Trips Out There
If you are a teacher who is looking for a country which provides a great range of best educational trips,visits, then Austria could be the place to consider. As well as the obvious attractions of the Alps, there are some of the world’s greatest historical cities, as well as plenty of cultural highlights.
Planning educational visits abroad can often be a testing process for teachers. Achieving the right balance between learning and recreation is always tricky, while the visit also needs to have an overall focus. Finding destinations which are suitable and tick all these boxes is not easy. In Austria, however, there is a country which provides a good mix of destinations and activities, whether in summer or winter.
Mountain Wonderland
Of course, the biggest attraction in Austria, especially for school trips, is its winter sports resorts. If you are planning on a ski trip for your educational institution, there are not many better countries for which to opt. The range of resorts on offer and the quality of the skiing that they provide is difficult to match anywhere else. All ranges of ability are catered for and it is possible to stay at resorts which offer plenty of other facilities too.
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But activity based trips to Austria are not confined to winter sports. The mountains provide plenty of other opportunities to be active, with hiking and climbing two popular sports on offer in the region. Visiting the Alps in the summer can also be good for sound educational reasons too, with the geography of the mountains easier to study when there is no snow on the slopes. There are also some interesting wildlife study options available too.
Cultural and Historical Highlights
Of course, some of the most beautiful cities in Europe are also located in Austria. Vienna has a reputation for being the City of Music, due to its long association with composers such as Mozart, Brahms and Schubert. This association with music continues to this day, with venues such as the Wiener Musikverein hosting the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Other theatres, such as the Burgtheater, are regarded as some of the finest in the
German-speaking world.
As well as theatres, there are a whole host of museums in the city. Many churches and other buildings offer insights into the architectural and cultural history of Vienna. It is not just in Vienna that this pattern is repeated either, with wonderful world cities like Salzburg and Graz offering a similar level of interest and engagement for students.
So Austria can provide you and your pupils with much more than a decent school ski trip. Whether you want the focus of your visit to be on sport, culture, geography, languages or history, Austria is a country which can provide you with great options. Check out the kind of trips on offer for yourself and make plans for a superb educational adventure.
Alice Aires has been a teacher for many years, with a focus on history and PE shaping much of her career. She is a veteran of many school ski trips, as well as a host of other visits across Europe and further afield. She now shares her expertise about travel and education with a wide range of blogs and websites.


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