Best Venues US Europe

Best Venues US Europe
Some of the Best Venues in the US & Europe
Mention either Europe or the U.S. to most people and a number of pictures come to mind. Europe is an amazing tapestry of diversity amongst its people, cultures, and languages, and is also spectacularly beautiful with stunning mountain ranges, incredible beaches, classical art, architecture, and more. Say the U.S. to people and equally stunning sites from the Grand Canyon, to the endless plains and prairies, to the Rockies seem to march through the mind’s eye almost in parade form. To do any (or all) real justice they are best seen in the daylight. Yet, that’s only half the story: there is also a teeming nightlife to be explored and enjoyed in both lands. There are thousands of clubs and bars scattered across both Europe and the U.S. that offer fun and different experiences, unique music, dancing, and simply great places to go and meet up with friends. We’ve narrowed down a few of our favorite spots for you!
Joy Madrid
Located in central Madrid, Joy Madrid has long been one of the hottest go-to nightclubs in Europe and is a popular destination for those looking for a true European club experience. Opened in 1981, Joy was converted from an old 1950’s theater into a huge club warehouse. The venue offers ample space for partygoers from all over the world to meet new friends and party the night away. Perhaps what makes this venue so unique is its spectacular light effects that add even more flair to this trendy club. Blue lights spectacularly illuminate the spacious sunken dance floor and undulating special effects are projected onto the back wall of the stage. No matter where one turns, myriad futuristic lighting and lasers bounce off the walls and, of course, it wouldn’t be a true nightclub without a disco ball hanging above the crowd. If you are interested in best madrid clubs, this one that you will not want to miss out on! 
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Located in the center of the city, Kapital is a one of the most famous and popular clubs in Madrid. Clubgoers can try a little bit of everything here as it offers seven floors of musical madness, a rooftop terrace overlooking the city and they even some karaoke bars. The club literally caters to every type of partygoer. Kapital is also known for having various themed parties according to the time of year.
The Edison in Los Angeles           
Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, The Edison is a huge nightclub situated in the basement of the Higgins Building, LA’s first private power plant. Walking into this huge sophisticated nightclub is like stepping back in time. You are instantly transported into the roaring 1920s: think Great Gatsby. Hostesses in flapper dress lead well-dressed patrons down a corridor and down a grand staircase to the main floor of the venue. Here you will find swanky sitting areas, the Main Bar, and performers from DJs and jazz bands to go-go dancers take the stage to entertain the crowd. There is also a smaller Music Room and Game Room where a grand piano and jukebox are located. The combination of the decidedly elegant 20s, mixed with a bit of history including the late Second Industrial Age, creates a one-of-a-kind club experience that you will not encounter anywhere else.
La Maison
Located in the city’s center, tucked away in a back street in the maze of the historic center, La Maison in Rome may be tricky to locate but will be well worth your search.  Since opening in 2001, La Maison has been recognized as one of the most exclusive clubs in Rome. What sets this club apart from its competition is its unique one-two punch: it’s a hip-hop nightclub and also home to sushi-style restaurant lounge, known as the Sushi Sofa. Crystal chandeliers and silver disco balls hang high above the grooving crowd below. If you are lucky enough to gain entrance into this chic nightclub, you are almost guaranteed to spot a celebrity of two.  
The Roxy in London
The Roxy in London offers a unique underground club experience for partygoers. Typically the club attracts a more student-oriented crowd on the nights earlier in the week, particularly during Wednesday’s official student night, where you can find young college scholars from the nearby University College, London stream in to have a goodtime. However, as the weekend approaches a more eclectic, yet younger crowd gathers here to enjoy the reasonably priced and innovative cocktails and fun loving vibe. The Roxy is not huge, but there is a decent sized dance floor where DJs crank out retro and contemporary pop.  Don’t expect glitz and glamour but the Roxy will deliver its own, unique charm and is a great place to party for those on a budget!
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