How to prepare the robust defense system for your school?

How to prepare the robust defense system for your school?

Prepare the robust defense system for your school

The school security systems that are installed by the locksmith San Jose must work on the three basic principles of Prevention, detection and active response. It includes the filtration of visitors, identification of the criminal activity and the working response system to lock down the school.

The school security has become one of the top priority for the administrators, teachers and the parents alike. The reason is that the recent incidents of breaching the school security code have resulted in the physical and life loss. The community is more concerned about the safety of little ones and it requires adequate arrangements from the authorities to ensure that such incidents do not happen in future. But, at the same time the school premises must be prepared by the locksmith San Jose for the defensive response. The response mechanism must make sure that the building is locked out almost instantly and the children are out of danger. One of the most basic feature is to secure the access doors and the second entrances properly either with the help of traditional locks or modern digital solutions.

How to prepare the robust defense system

The electronic access is gaining popularity with its additional features and better control over the visitors. It is always a detailed matter and requires a comprehensive approach, as a very robust security for the main door is useless, if a person can gain access from the other ignored access points. The security specialists like San Jose locksmith and the security staffs combine their efforts to make the schools more protected than they were ever before. The three major aspects of an active security are as follows,


Prevention: Prevention of crime is one of the most important functions of a security system. Whether it is done by the locks or the digital access control, but the entry points are closely monitored. It is ensured that only related staff and persons can gain access without causing any alarm. In case of an unauthorized entry, the security staff will be alerted by an alarm system or buzzer. Pertaining to the rising school violence rates, it is again very significant to make sure that no student enters the premises with a weapon. Along with the active locks, the school security is guarded with a number of CCTV cameras. These are installed by much of inspection and analysis. The maximum coverage is made possible by careful selection. The classroom environment is also under the watch.
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The automated security systems are the part of new technology and these actually work on the integration of different components. The stronger the preventive techniques are, the better chances of deterring the criminals are.


2– Detection: In case, any of the burglar or the criminal has entered the premises, the locksmith Oakland must make sure the early detection. The earliest a criminal activity is identified, the better chances you have to make a responsive policy. It involves a number of auditory and visual signals that indicate the area of trouble. The intelligent security system narrows down the area and the exact location is announced to everyone. For example, the motion sensors will trigger an alarm if there is an off time or unidentified activity. These are installed at the windows and the back doors.


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3- Response mechanism: Response mechanism includes that the school premises should be locked down with a simple switch or control that is accessible to administration. In addition to this, the teacher can be given the remote control for locking down the individual classrooms. A central lock down access will make sure that the danger can be contained to the limited area. For example, if the intruder has entered a public area, he should not be able to reach to the classrooms. The central security can be ensured by the local locksmith like Oakland locksmith.

A well-guarded school premises ensures healthy environment for the children and parents will also feel at ease in sending their kids to such a school.



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