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There are so many people that find themselves going in circles.  They want to achieve more in life but they either don’t know how to or they go about it wrong. 
Once you get caught in a downward spiral it can be hard to get out of it.  It takes hard work and determination.  These key things will help you know what you need to do to set goals and make sure you continue moving forward.
  • Determine what you want out of life.
Sit down and write a list of the things you want to accomplish.  They can be as big as backpacking across Europe or as small as losing 5 pounds. 
Write down as many things as possible.  Don’t edit yourself.  This is where you find out what you’re interested in and what your dreams are.
  • Set your priorities.
Look over your list and decide which things are most important to you.  Rewrite your list in order of most important.  You will have to account for outside influences, such as family, work, finances, etc. 
How to set goals and objectives
  • Break down your goals.
Go over the list and write down everything you would have to do in order to accomplish each desire. 
If you want to go scuba diving in the Red Sea, you might need to take scuba lessons, get a passport, save up enough money for the trip, buy scuba equipment, etc.  Try to be as thorough as possible. 
Once you have written down everything you need to do, start setting goals for when you want these things done by.  If you want to finish school, set a goal to meet with a counselor before the new semester begins.
Giving yourself a time limit will keep you on your toes and it helps you know where you are in the process. 
  • Act!
This part is all on you.  You have to go out and act.  No one can accomplish your dreams for you.  Keep your list in a place you will see every day.  Make it a priority in your life.  Let friends and family what you are trying to accomplish so you can have their support.
Becoming the person you want to be in life is a journey, not an event.  You can’t expect everything you want to fall into your lap.  Do everything you can to create your own opportunities.
Kathryn Mott writes about business, real estate, goal setting and staying positive.  She works for PMI as a writer.

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