Indian Jewellery Inspirations By Heritage Jewellers

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Indian Jewellery Inspirations-

Jewellery, considering the tremendous cost involved and the Picky women TG, is crafted with painstaking attention. With the wedding market increasing boundlessly, the jewellery market is at its peak, resulting in the outburst of various Local & national Jewellers. Infact, the rising demand of Indian jewellery in International markets has seen the rise of various online jewellery stores. Even the local jewelers have created their own websites targeting NRI clientele & online shoppers. This trend has given the jewellery buyers access to numerable jewelers across the globe. It may come as a surprise but besides gold & semi-precious jewellery, online diamond jewellery shopping has also become a rage.

With this outburst, what distinguishes a jeweler in the market place, is none other than exquisite designing. If you present an eye-catching piece, there is no-way a customer can turn away. Hence Jewellery designing is the most crucial part of the jewellery business. A designer needs to keep his mind & eyes open, while exploring spaces for various inspirations. In this article we’ll share a few inspirations that might strike a chord.

You needn’t look further for inspirations; India with its vast cultural heritage is a huge inspiration in itself. From the beautiful landscapes to the colors of festivals we are surrounded by the magnificent beauty of a cultural haven.

– Architecture:south indian temple architecture

One of the favorite design themes is none other than the breath-taking architecture prevalent here. The intricate designing prevalent in Indian architecture is commendable considering the scale & magnitude of these structures. From temples in south-India to the wonder of the world, every carving can be a design element. Besides, The Taj Mahal, there are various other masterpieces including, the Gateway of India, Golden temple, India Gate, tirumala venkateswara temple etc.




– Nature:Heritage Jewellery  india

India is gifted with abundant natural resources and a variety of flora & fauna. With the immense beauty that every species carries, each & every one of them can turn into a master-piece design. Some of the famous natural inspirations include the peacock, rose, lilies etc. The image showcases how artistically nature can inspire jewellery. This peacock –inspired diamond pendant is crafted by Heritage jewelers.




– ARTart india collections

India is rich its culture & traditions, being home to one of the most famous artists. From the serene paintings to the eye-grabbing sculptures, art can beautifully translate into a striking jewellery piece. Considering the abundant art & culture prevalent in India, one can never fall short of design inspirations. Even the age-old murals & carvings can be replicated into jewellery designs. One can visit the various art festivals to get an insight into this inspirational world of art.




– Dance

Performing arts can be an unfathomable, astounding inspiration. Indians have been exposed to various dance forms through the traditional dance gurus as well as the Hollywood movies. Movies like step-up will enchant you with their visual experiences. The dance forms of kathak & bharatnatiyum involve various meaningful hand gestures & postures, which can define the curves and structure of a design.


– PRINTS & EMBROIDERYprinted embroidery patterns

When one talks about the traditional Indian clothing attire, it becomes difficult to point out one particular outfit, since every state has its own attire. From the south Indian sarree to the Punjabi Suit, from the Rajasthani lehengas to the ramp-walk chiudidaars, every piece reflects gorgeous designing. The beautiful colours & awe-striking embroideries, can be a visual marvel when replicated in jewellery.




– WEDDINGSweddings indian style

The BIG FAT INDIAN wedding cannot be under-estimated in its power to inspire & astound. All you need to do is attend a delhi – wedding and you will be over-whelmed with its beauty. Right from the décor, to the trousseau packaging, from the stage to the mehendi design, from the rasams to the clothes, every element will inspire you with a show-stopper design.





This may be the end of the article, but definitely not the end of inspirations. The world will throw one with every passing day, you just need to look & absorb. Being observant is the first step towards being creative, since ideas build from your perception towards the things you see. And to see new things it is important for one to travel. Traveling & exploring can open new horizons for you & the designer in you.indian wedding traditions and customs

If you’re looking for real jewellery design inspirations or a jeweler who can make customized designs, Heritage Jewellers is a brand you cannot miss. They also have website, so you can buy jewellery online from them.

Once you’ve had some experience & explored you’re heart out, you wouldn’t really need to hit the search button to create your next design; All you will need to do is close your eyes & grab that pencil to create an inspirational design!

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