Know these things before travelling to Malaysia

Know these things before travelling to Malaysia

Are you an enthusiastic traveler or a wanderer to cease a destination? Well, anyone who wishes to take off from the regular life and go on a vacation or a traveler to hit a new place- Malaysia could be it. This place has a massive list of native island and adventures with exotic food and what not! They are waiting to impress you.

To aid the travelers the country offers Malaysia visa on arrival, to ease the hustle. Just grab your visa once you reach here from the airport, and you’ll be ready for a spectacular trip. There is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and distinct people from all in one place. While visiting Malaysia get ready to experience food, festivals, music, and traditions from numerous ethnic groups. From Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands many adventures and experiences are waiting for your presence, but it is better to be prepared with research before traveling to this one of the top destination places around the world.

Below we have mentioned a few tips that you should consider before sitting on a plan to Malaysia:


For a good vacation, communication plays a vital role since we don’t want to be lost to an unfamiliar place and not able to communicate. But don’t worry, communicating rarely poses a problem as English is widely spoken here. The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu, commonly known as “Bahasa” from the tongue of locals.

You can simply call it Malaysian to leaving all the confusion. The Secondary language of this magnificent place is English. Majority of the population speaks English due to a large mix of ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, you won’t have any problem when traveling into the road of Malaysia and overall place.


There are three kinds of Visas that are available in Malaysia. The kind of visa best for you depends on the purpose of your visit. There is a single entry visa, multiple entry visa, and Transit Visa. There is a requirement for a rush to the embassy of a particular country, as since 2016 e Immigration Department of Malaysia has introduced the Malaysia eVisa. An eVisa would definitely be convenient as you can manually apply through the application while sitting at your home.

If you are an Indian, an arrival visa could also be issued to you. Although if you are an Indian passport holder, there are specific consideration to take for a Malaysia visa on arrival for Indian:

  • The entry should be from a third country; Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia;
  • You must be possed a valid tourist visa from the countries as mentioned above;
  • You should have a confirmed return ticket to India;
  • To show sufficient funds, carry a minimum of 1000 USD;

You can apply for a Malaysia visa on arrival for Indian with this link. They can provide you with a single entry visa as well as a multi-entry visa. Therefore if you were searching for a Malaysia visa on arrival, now you know the place to go to. Click this link for further information or go to this link to apply for a Malaysia evisa.