Should you Use Paper Bags?

Should you Use Paper Bags

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Paper bags were invented somewhere in the mid-eighteenth century. They were initially made durable and resilient to carry things around. And, today it has also become a kind of fashion statement. Consumers are aware of the harmful effects of using plastic and want to switch to paper bags or paper boxes. So, if you have a business that uses bags to deliver products like cakes, food, coffee, and other snacks, it’s probably a good idea to use a paper bag as merchandise. When consumers are asked to choose between paper and plastic, they are going to choose paper bags. It is a small effort by humans to stop polluting the environment. If you are a business owner, you can make use of paper bags to customize your brand and also make it look more professional. Let’s take a look at some advantages of using paper bags over other types:

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1. Paper Bags are Good Merchandise

Today, customers prefer to purchase paper bags over plastics. Apart from being environment-friendly, it adds a cool statement to their personality. As a business owner, you can customize the printing on each paper bag. It helps to give your brand identity and differentiate from the others. Most consumers like to store their paper bags for further use. This way, your printed bags will get stored in the customer’s mind for good. That bag will keep reminding them of your product or service for a very long time. It is a very good investment for your business.

2. Paper Bags Protect the Environment

Apart from its aesthetic properties, paper bags don’t harm the environment. Plastic bags are overall destroying the natural environment, including the ocean creatures. These oceans are responsible for housing a plethora of plants and animals. But, when the plastic is thrown in the ocean, it doesn’t degrade at all. It remains in the ocean for the longest and these creatures either end up eating them or getting stuck in the plastic trap. This phenomenon has disturbed the entire life cycle of creatures living under the sea. More and more fishes are either being labelled endangered or getting extinct. Even land animals are getting affected by consuming plastic.

3. Paper Bags are Biodegradable and Reusable

All paper bags are biodegradable and can be reused and recycled. This resolves a lot of environmental issues and keeps it safe and clean. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags easily degenerate and don’t pile up the garbage dump stations. According to research, it takes about 500 years for plastic to decompose, but a paper bag won’t be around for that long. Paper bags don’t harm the soil quality and can be easily degraded in about six months. This also keeps the animals safer and maintains the ecosystem of nature.

4. Paper Bags are Durable and Reusable

Most paper bags today can withhold a good amount of load. It can upstand and could be carried around quite easily. A consumer can carry cakes, light groceries, snacks etc. It is also reusable once it gets home. Unlike plastic, paper bags can be used as a wrap for gifting items. For example, you can put a watch in small paper bags and gift it to your friends and family. Paper bags are elegant and sophisticated, unlike plastic bags.

5. Increases Brand Awareness

These days a lot of businesses are harping on paper bags to increase their brand’s awareness. Whether it’s a corporate event of your company or any other event, paper bags could be used to print your brand logo. People usually carry these paper bags home and keep them for a long time. These branded paper bags, when used as a gifting bag, again helps with spreading your brand’s awareness. These bags are very affordable and give a good return on investment.

6. Boost your Sales

When you use high-quality paper bags for your products, it will attract more customers. When they see these bags used by their friends who have bought from your store, it adds value to your brand. They are more than curious to know about your brand because of its looks and ultimately helps increase your sales. So, this little investment goes a long way. If you want to subtly promote your brand, all you need to do is invest in some top quality and good looking paper bags.

7. Make your Customers Happy and Loyal

When you design special paper bags to seal the freshness of your takeaway snacks, customers are more than happy to buy from you. They will always remember the quality of the food and relate it to your brand. It keeps them happy! Also, when you invest in stylish paper bags, consumers can relate to your brand and would look forward to purchasing again. They will also recommend it to their friends, thus increasing your sales.

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