The Most Exciting Exotic spice Food recipies and Dishes to Try

Food today is an experience in culinary delights and an adventure of the senses. With every major city now home to dozens of cuisines from across the world it is possible to explore whichever your heart desires. Below are three of the most exciting of exotic dishes!

Penang Assam Laksa
Malaysia’s cuisine is often overlooked in favour of its more well-known Asian counterparts of China and Japan, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of this one! Penang Assam Laksa is in fact a nation favourite in Malaysia and, filled with pungent spices  Food recipies and bold flavours, it is easy to see why. Assam laksa is a sour fish-based soup, flavoured with tamarind, chillies and shredded fish and the particular Penang version of the dish leads the way with mackerel, lemongrass and galangal that pack a real punch. The combination is so distinct and so delectable that it has even been voted as one of the world’s most delicious dishes.

Of all the foods on this list, sushi is undoubtedly the most delicate and the most beautiful, with each carefully constructed roll and finely sliced sashimi a piece of art. Japan‘s most famous food, the rice-based sushi takes many forms but is most often associated with raw seafood, which is then rolled, placed or tied into rice to make a delectable bite-sized treat. Raw meats and raw sliced vegetables are other popular toppings and just another reason why sushi is one of the favourite foreign foods on the market today. With sushi delivery in London and other major cities now also a possibility, sushi has never been more accessible and is perfect for everything from a romantic dinner for two to original party fare!

Frog Legs and Snails
France may lie just across the water from Britain, but when it comes to cuisine the two nations couldn’t be further apart. France is renowned for its gastronomy (we even take the word ‘cuisine’ from the language) and its influence is global. Cheeses, steaks, pates, truffles… the list of French delights is never ending. The nation is equally famous for its culinary curiosities, most notably frog legs and ‘escargot’ (snails). While this may send shivers down the spines of some, an adventurous palate will relish the dishes. Fried frog’s legs served with parsley and butter knock the socks off any chicken nugget and snails, also most often served with garlic butter and herbs, are regularly compared to seafood favourite mussels.

This is just a tiny selection of all the exciting dishes on offer across the globe and wherever you go you are sure to find a local speciality to tantalise the taste buds. However, if you are after a culinary adventure, the above three make a great starting point. Whether it is sushi delivery in London or a Gallic garlic drenched appetiser, no diner will be disappointed by what they find!

Smith is a self-confessed foodie and a regular contributor to a number of food blogs on the subject of his culinary escapades. His world travels have equipped Smith with a taste for the exotic and even back at home in the UK she continues to enjoy exotic treats, thanks largely to food companies such as You Me Sushi.

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