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An Outline of Michelle Obama’s Fashion


Being the first lady of one of the most powerful nations of the globe, Michelle Obama has proven to be a prevailing fashion force to reckon with. Her first look captured everyone’s attention when she first stepped out at an election night in the year 2008 wearing a stylish red and black dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez. The first lady of America has again and again continued to prove her fashion intelligence and never disappoints with her fashion forward and very feminine style as seen in public appearances. She has changed the world’s out-dated ideology of how a woman in her position should dress and broken all the old fashion theories by making fashion fun for all including people holding a democratic position. The first lady is becoming a fashion icon, every time she appears in the public she looks just amazing with her style.

Fashion Brand

Michelle Obama’s Fashion Achievements


Branded as the “Mistress of Fashion”, Michelle Obama has graced several covers of affluent magazines such as Vogue, Time Magazine and the fashion world cannot have enough of her. Her style is flexible and she wears all brands of clothing from various designers. According to US financial analysts, Michelle has heightened the economic value of the brands she wears. In other words, the brands whose designs Michelle wears record skyrocketed sales and stock in their collection. This is because of her adoring fans who follow her personal interest in fashion and of course because of the influence of her position she holds as the first lady of the United States.


Fashion Brands That Michelle Obama Wears


Michelle has a very unique fashion sense and is not conformed to any particular designer or look. She is good at taking risk with fashion and wears any brand so long as it appeals to her. As a result she has propelled many designers to fame by wearing one of their pieces. According to Michelle, she buys clothing for the same reasons as anyone else, how comfortable the outfit is, the practicability of the outfit and of course if she likes how the outfit looks on her. Her husband being one of the world’s most powerful men in politics, Michelle Obama is slowly entering the list of one of the most powerful women in fashion. An example is Jason Wu, a young designer who was in fashion spotlight when Michelle Obama wore his one shouldered white gown to an inaugural ball of 2009 and wore another of his stunning red gowns to the inaugural ball of 2015. Today, his designs grace various shows, his brand is favorite in New York Fashion week and his clothes are stocked by different high end stores all over the world.



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