10 Brands To Pay Attention To Staying In Amsterdam

10 Brands To Pay Attention To Staying In Amsterdam

Brands To Pay Attention To Staying In Amsterdam

If you agree that good shopping is half the battle, then this article is for you! I talk about the brands that are worth paying attention to in Holland. We explored many Amsterdam shops and chose the most interesting local brands.


Vanilia is a vigorous Dutch brand that makes clothes, which one could describe with the expression of sport chic. There are no experiments with styles – they are very simple, but there is careful work with color, texture or prints. You need to come here for coatdresses, shirtdresses, soft-pegged pants, striped vests. There are two stores in Amsterdam, one in the area of ​​9 streets; the second is not far from the Museum Quarter. In the latter, the choice is more excellent. Dresses cost 80-100 euros, tops and sweaters – 60-80 euros.


The brand makes moderately conservative bags made of genuine leather and at reasonable prices. Such things are lovable – you cannot say how much they cost or who made them, they look moderately interesting, moderately restrained, they will last longer than one season thanks to the classic styles. The price is pleasing; there is nothing that would cost more than 250 euros.

Paul Noyen

Visiting the brand website, you are going to be surprised at how unsympathetic and unattractive the models represented there to look! In reality, the brand is charming – if you love the British Russel & Bromley, then you will enjoy Paul Noyen. It is hardly worth coming here for sexy boats, but you can buy comfortable ballet flats, cute loafers or office shoes. A pair of shoes costs an average of 170 euros.

Atelier amstrdm

This brand has an exciting specialization – products made from python and lizard leather. You will find a nice combination of a simple shape with an actual color and eye-catching skin texture. In addition to bags, purses, and footwear under the brand Atelier Amstrdm, leather dresses, tops, pants, and skirts are also available. Prices for such materials are quite reasonable – big bags cost 500-600 euros, wallets – 200-300, clothes – 400 and above. Here you can find textile dresses, skirts, and tops with snake prints.


Did you know that Amsterdam has the highest concentration of denim brands in the world? Denham is one of them. If you are a real denim connoisseur, can say whether it is Japanese denim or ordinary one and the price of 250-300 euros for a pair of jeans does not make you feel confused, this way, please. In addition to several shops, there is also a denim bar in Amsterdam, where you can drink coffee and chat with the same denim lovers, as well as the atelier, where you will have your old jeans repaired and refreshed.

Scoth & soda

A great brand for those who love a sort of relaxed European chic: tweed jackets and skinny jeans, striped and voluminous jumpers, men’s shirts and boho-style dresses. The brand also does many other things – underwear, swimsuits, accessories, and shoes. There are also child and male lines. The cost of things is up to 250 euros.

Amsterdam Bag Company

Another brand for those who are looking for cute, not very expensive and not too recognizable bags. The models are more modern than those of Smaak. The colors are brighter; the prices are lower. You will not find anything more expensive than 185 euros.

Love stories

The first brand of linen, which we would like to mention. Do not know about you, but the standard underwear shops are horrifying, and it is difficult to cannot imagine women who wear these wild laces, leopards and bows. Love Stories is an adorable, girlish and non-aggressive Dutch brand. Neither bras are increasing by two sizes, nor sexy combinations, nor lace strings, but there are funny, non-trivial colors of objects you can combine as you please. In addition to linen, the brand also makes home clothes, just as ironic and comfortable. Not the design only, but also the prices are inviting – you are not going to find anything for more than 100 euros.

Marie stella maris

Under the Marie Stella Maris brand, honest cosmetic products are available in compact packaging; Besides, the brand is popular due to its respect for the environment. Body creams and lip balms, scrubs and soaps, shea butter and jojoba oil – all this will be a great gift to someone who does not always know what to give. That discreet packaging design combined with the same low-key smells or their complete absence is merely fantastic. Food costs 25-40 euros on the average.


A brand for those who love Chelsea, brogues and other models of shoes, coming to women’s clothes from men’s. O’Quirey is a Dutch brand, but all shoes are made in Portugal. There are not so many models, but the choice of colors here is countless – you can find plaid shoes, even floral, even with a leopard print, as well as pink, blue, red and any other things. Male models are produced under the same brand just as well. The average price is 170-200 euros.

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