“10 Tricks to Speed Up Your Car”

“10 Tricks to Speed Up Your Car”
  • Tricks to Speed Up Your Car”


    You’re probably here because your need for speed brought you here. Don’t worry, we aren’t judging. Even though most of the unrefined individuals in your life have probably rebuked your reckless addiction to the thrill of a fast car, you might still have the unquenchable thirst to go faster. Your obvious question is, “Just how do I max out my car’s performance?” We’ve all asked that question, whether it’s speed, efficiency, or safety that you might be concerned about. Well, you shameless adrenaline seeking junkie, look no further than these 10 easy tips.


Tricks to Speed Up Your Car

  • Whether you’re driving a car with an automatic transmission … or you’ve made the choice to drive a superior manual one, your quests are one and the same if you are seeking speed. What should you be aware of as a car owner that wants to make the most of their next ride?

    1. Maintenance

    This is by far the most important part of owning a motor vehicle in general. This rule applies not only to the driver that’s just putting their way to and from work every day, but also to the thrill seeker that wants to slay their drive using a stopwatch to beat their best time on those curvy back roads we all know and love. Just like your body, what you put into your car you’ll definitely get out of it. Think about it. When’s the last time you’ve gone a week without using the restroom intentionally? If you get sick, do you just want to ignore the problem until it goes away, hoping nothing gets worse? Have you ever eaten only junk food and instant noodles for weeks on end? Unless you’re a college student, the answer to that one is probably a speedy “no”.

    No healthy person does these things – why should you do them to your car? Going too long without respecting the oil level on the dipstick, making sure that check engine light is staying off, or not inspecting belts, tires, and plugs for damage or disrepair is a sure fire way to run straight into problems with your car mechanically, as well as your speed efficiency. Keeping your car healthy will speed up your ride marginally, plus mitigate problems that could arise longer down the road. A good rule of thumb to maintain is a trip to a qualified auto service shop at least once a year for general tune ups.

    1. Turbocharging

    Lots of inexperienced drivers will be afraid of this term. “Turbocharging my engine? I’m not Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious, isn’t this too much?” Well my friend, with a little more time in the gym, and a little more research, you can! There’s no such thing as too much. A turbocharger, simply put, will pump air that would normally be spit from your exhaust pipe back into your engine, creating a boost from extra air pressure being utilized in the pistons. This can be done at a shop for $300-500, and can add up to 15% to your engine’s boosted PSI.

    1. Tires

    You see the yellow sign before the curve that’s quickly approaching, suggesting a speed of 25 miles per hour for you to gently ease into that corner. You feel taunted, you shift to fifth gear, and you rev up to 60 MPH. Wait, you bonehead! Did you check your tires before you took off for a ride?

    Tire maintenance is paramount to safety. If your tires are balding, or if you haven’t filled them up or checked their PSI, you could be looking at a dangerous situation. If you’re looking for the grip you need on the road, a full, brand new set of good street tires that won’t send you flying around that curve will cost you only a couple hundred dollars. Most importantly, always, always, always check tire pressure regularly! Proper inflation will help with drivability as well as mileage efficiency.

    1. Oil

    Depending on your car’s year, make, and model, the type of oil that would suit you best might differ for every driver. The rule of thumb here is to check and change oil every three, five, or seven thousand miles you put into it. Drivers of older cars should stay away from the synthetic stuff. Your car will thank you for frequent oil changes, trust me. Even if it’s inconvenient for you, remember, your car is an extension of yourself!

    1. Exhaust

    Most cars have stock exhaust systems that are installed for noise control, or intentional reduction of speed and power because of safety or fuel efficiency. Getting a new exhaust system installed will be one of the cheapest mods you’ll find to make your car go fast. With new exhaust, you might be seeing increases in power upwards of 10% for only around $100-150 at a professional shop.

    1. Weight

    If you’ve ever gone faster than you should have in your car, you were probably alone. If you add another person, or two people, or three people to your car, balance and weight distribution can be effected dramatically from just another few hundred pounds. It’s wise to cut back on as much as possible. To get the absolute most out of your acceleration, throw out all that junk you forgot about in your back floorboards and empty the clutter from your trunk. For the truly desperate, you can remove structural components from the interior of your car to shed some extra weight. Every bit counts here.

    1. Gas

    Buying cheap gas? Sometimes it’s not worth it. If you’re going to be going fast, going far, or pushing your car’s limits in any way, a higher fuel grade could significantly improve your car’s performance. Get a higher quality gas with detergents and additives, and watch your car’s engine clean itself out. Remember, your car is like your body. Don’t give it soda before a workout – give it water.

    1. Spark Plugs

    This is the essential component of combustion. That lovely aroma of burning gasoline and warm exhaust you can thank spark plugs for. There are several different types of materials used with spark plugs, from iridium to platinum to steel, or even copper in older vehicles. Replacing your spark plugs usually only runs you about $120 at a standard service shop. It depends on your car which plugs might work the best, so consult your mechanic.

    1. Girls

    Let’s be honest, this might not make your car function better, but it will make you drive faster. There’s nothing else like some high-octane testosterone to help you take off just a little bit faster. It’s just science, men bench press more weight when women are in the gym. Having a female passenger along for the ride can make things more exciting.

    1. Practice

    When it comes down to it, going fast isn’t all mechanics, lubricants, custom mods, and new parts. The only thing that will keep you safe and simultaneously increase your speed is your preparation, judgment, and experience. The drivers who never have an accident and enjoy their track days are the ones who keep a level head and build on their knowledge of their vehicle, taking it slow and easy when need be.


    There’s a lot of complicated processes that go into customizing your car. Most of these things you can’t do or shouldn’t attempt yourself. You might cause more of a problem than you would fix. For the best, most reliable Car Services in your area, find a trusted Auto Mechanic to handle your ride, and give you that long sought after boost your heart desires.

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