5 types of Georgette sarees for working women

5 types of Georgette sarees for working women

5 types of Georgette sarees for working women


Sarees are a free-flowing fabric and they are perfect for wearing in every occasion and also in everyday life. From heavy materials suitable for summers to light and airy fabrics which are relaxing during summers, the variety in sarees in unmatched. In the 21st westernized world, women have chosen to forge their careers and this hectic life has made many opt for western styles at the cost of their Indian ones simply because a pantsuit or jeans and t-shirts are much easier to manage in working environments than sarees, but there is a type of saree which is just perfect for working women- Georgette Sarees.

What is Georgette?

           types of Georgette sarees for working women                                   

Georgette is a sheer, lightweight and crinkled fabric which has an overall bouncy feel and look. Georgette is easy to dye, is a strong absorbent and also has a rough and dull texture. It is a strong and durable fabric. There are two ways Georgette sarees are woven- is pure and the other is faux. Pure ones are woven out of Silk yarns while faux Georgette is made from polyester and rayon.

Why are Georgette sarees perfect for working women?


Professions can be varied and so will the work destinations. Women who travel to work by public transport will find that Georgette sarees are perfect to wear or take since they are pocket-friendly, easy to maintain, wrinkle-free and resistant to easy wear and tear. Moreover, it comes in translucent, opaque or sheer textures which mean that it is perfect to be worn on various work occasions as well.

Where can you find Georgette sarees?

Stylecaret is the place to head to if you are looking to buy Georgette Sarees. They have tonnes of varieties in terms of fabrics, styles, and colors and you will be spoiled for choice.

What types and varieties of Georgette Sarees are there?

  • Faux Georgette Sarees:


Varieties of faux Georgette sarees are available at stylecaret. Faux Georgette sarees are light, cheaper than pure ones and yet they will make any woman feel gorgeous in them. They come in everything from solid colours to various prints and embroideries. Faux Georgette is suitable for all seasons and so no matter the heat of summers or the chilling cold of winters, faux Georgette is the ideal wear. Moreover, it falls in a drape like a manner which is great for accentuating the figure too. But even though it’s light and very flowy, but it is durable and lasts long.


  • Floral print Georgette sarees: There are loads of varieties which are popular but floral print Georgette sarees are always in the trend. You can find everything from beautiful rose designs to the tulip and other flower prints done in block prints or done with ethnic flourishes. As for colours, stylecaret has every type of colour matches one can imagine. They have beautiful and bold black on red ones which is great for high profile work functions, to pretty blue and green ones that feel willowy and look cool for summers. There are also combinations of browns, greys, pinks and peaches, navy blues and oranges among others which provide variety to a working woman while also maintaining the workplace aesthetic. Moreover, if people are looking for more stylized ones then they have patterns with a net on them too.


  • Printed Georgette sarees: Printed Georgette sarees are available as both heavy and light. These digitally printed designs look great on anyone and are just perfect for the daily tours on public transport. Printed designs come in tonnes more varieties apart from just floral ones. You can find artistically done fruit designs, prints which look like they were done in print, prints of various languages and more such. It’s all done keeping in mind that a working woman has varieties on her hand, which complement her work profession while also maintaining fashion decor of the place.


  • Embroidered Georgette Sarees: Embroidered Georgette sarees are made from pure Georgette since it gives the sarees the thickness, which allows the embroidery work to be done. Embroidered Sarees. There are beautiful brocade designs in yellows and blues as well as splendidly done silver and gold embroideries too. As for colours, there’s an eclectic mix of greens and red, peach and light yellow, blue and silver, black and red along with a bevy of other mixtures which will surely catch your eyes. But if you are thinking that embroidered ones are necessarily heavy, then that’s not the case. Georgette in itself is a springy thing and its crepe-like light texture is retained no matter the design used. The pure Georgette just gives it a more silky and flowy feel which, when mixed in with stylish embroidery makes it ideal office wear.


  • Block design Georgette sarees:


With floral styles, prints and embroideries always on the market block designs haven’t really been able to flourish. Contrary to the popular opinion that it doesn’t compliment the Georgette saree type, block designs actually work as a great contrast to the light and flowy-ness of the material and add in more depth. Moreover, when mixed in with sombre colours like browns, greys, and reds; they work amazingly to lend a kind of gravitas to the wearer. So all of it comes together to make for perfect wear for any formal, high profile and yet ethic work function.

How to take care of Georgette sarees?

Georgette is a strong material, but special care should still be taken while washing it. Some methods to be followed are:

  • Always hand washes it as machine churning can damage the cloth.
  • Use a very light detergent.
  • Don’t put it out in the sunlight to dry as the overexposure to sunlight can cause the fabric to lose its colour. So air drying is more recommended.

In the days of old, Georgette was a material which demoted rank and status and so it was only worn by people of higher classes. Now, you can wear it out with style and panache as well, no matter the place or occasion.