The Bowtie as a Fashion Statement

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Bowtie New Fashion Statement

There was a time in fashion history when bow ties might have been the identifying mark of the obsessively studious. Over time, however, unique bowties have signified the standout in the crowd, the man who has a singular sense of his own value is is not afraid to show it off to onlookers. Men like Groucho Marx, Senator Paul Simon, popcorn entrepreneur Orville Redenbacher, Winston Churchill have helped set a trend for others to explore their sense of identity through clothing. A follow-up to the cravat that many men adorned prior to the 19th century, the bow tie has become one of the best accessories to add diversity to an ensemble.


Not Just for Men


Although the bow tie is frequently assigned as a male accessory, some women have shown that it transcends gender. Perhaps the trend is a bit more versatile for women. Tied with a hanging tail, unique bowties have been placed against crisp white shirts to give a contrast to lace or textured blazers.


Women have also worn them poking out from shirt layers beneath dress jumpers or shirt and skirt outfits. Round-neck collars or collars made completely of lace draw even more attention when accentuated with a colorful bowtie. One variation that many men have not been able to take advantage of has been wearing the bowtie loose instead of tie close to the shirt collar. This tends to feminize the bowtie and relax the had contrast against the softer lines of women’s shirts. Women who want to be more daring have tried the bowtie with suspenders. Celebrities like singer Janelle Monae have made it much easier for women to explore the option of a tie.


Bow Tie Etiquette

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Many people who wear formal suits or tuxedos to weddings or formal work-related events choose to wear a bowtie. Solid black or white bowties are the most popular and the most easy to match formal suit colors. These kind of events are not the typical place for patterns and designs that are off the beaten path.

Bow ties are cool

Hiring industry experts tend to warn against wearing unique bowties to interviews. Because they stand out so much when worn with a standard neutral business suit, they can be distracting to hiring managers. The focus should be on a candidate’s work experience and abilities to perform the job. No job seeker should try to compete with a bowtie. The same goes for formal business meetings when new business proposals or sales pitches are the main line item on the agenda.

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Most people who have managed to make a bowtie a personal trademark tend to be very discriminating about the occasions when they will wear them. They do not want to overdo it and make the bowtie lose its effectiveness as a fashion statement. By the same token, those who wear them every day can establish them as a signature accessory and keep their wardrobes interesting by owning a different bowtie for every occasion.

Endless Design Options


From the cross tie that has been seen on many school uniforms to the clip on bowtie, there are many designs to accommodate a wide range of preferences. They can be checkered, striped, plaid, polka dot, hounds tooth or a single solid color. Those that venture into more experimental designs have had objects as odd as frog skeletons and as mild as painted miniature bowties on the fabric surface. Designs make room for almost any style.


How to tie a bow tie


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